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Balf Gyógy-Kastélyszálló

9494- Balf - Sopron
Fürdõ sor 12.


Balf - Uszoda

You may spend some nice and peaceful days in a place with a fascinating location, only 7 km far from Sopron, if you visit the thermal spa of Balf. Bathing has a long history here. The first bathing facilities were built, when the Romans discovered the sulphuric springs.


The water contains hydrogen sulphide, alkali, carbonic and lithium. You may use it not only by bathing, but also as drinking cure. Treatments for rheumatic disorders, different kinds of massages, mudpack, therapeutic gymnastics, or underwater gymnastics are also available


The history of Balf was interwoven with the history of Sopron almost from the beginning. Nowadays Balf is part of Sopron, since the two settlements were united.

The first source which mentioned the name of the village dates back to the 12C. It became an important township in this region only in the 16C. This time some Austrian engineers started to regulate the springs here. In the 17C the first modern bathing facilities were built. When the railway had been laid down, more guests could reach the spa, so some reconstructions were needed. New hotels and healing pavilions were built. In the 20C, until the Second World War, the spa life of Balf flourished. After the war, for some reasons, its popularity diminished. One rediscovered the possibilities in this region, and the mineral water only after the 60s. The eventful life recurred to Balf. Nowadays it is a great healing and holiday resort.

Place of interest

Although Balf with its atmosphere of intimacy is a place of complete rest, there are also lots of interesting things to see and do.

If you decide to spend your holiday in a beautiful town, where many cultural programs are available, - such as cinemas, museums, different kinds of festivals and so on - you should visit Sopron. If you are interested in this region, you should take some small trips around Balf, and you won’t bee disappointed!

For example, you can visit the fine building complex of the famous Hungarian noble family, the castle of Esterházy (Eszeterházy Kastély) in Fert?d. Some call this castle the “Hungarian Versailles”. It was built in the 18C in baroque style. This is the most grandiose mansion to be found in Hungary. Inside you can see some furnished rooms, which remind you of the lifestyle of the rich noble families in Hungary, and also an exhibition about local history, or a great art gallery.

Not far from Balf, you may visit Nagycenk, which has played an important role in Hungarian history. Count Ferenc Széchényi (1754-1820) – the founder of the Hungarian National Museum – and his son Count István Széchenyi - one outstanding politician of the Reform Period – both lived here and buried nearby. Here you can visit the Széchényi Mausoleum and their mansion. The latter houses today the Széchenyi Memorial Museum, where you can see an exhibition about Széchenyi’s household and his work and there is also an exhibition about Hungarian industry from Széchenyi’s time to the present century.

There are lots of interesting things to do around Balf for those, who are interested in the natural heritage. Visiting the quarry in Fert?rákos might bee an astounding experience. There is also an exhibition here about the nature of this area. It is also worth to visit the Lake Fert? nearby or to take some excursions in the surrounding hills and mountains.

Balf - Sopron
Balf Gyógy-Kastélyszálló

Balf Gyógy-Kastélyszálló
Állami Szanatórium Sopron


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