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Babócsai Termálfürdő

7584- Babócsa
Fürdő Park



Babócsa is situated on the southern land of Somogy shire, only few km away from the border between Hungary and Croatia.

One found the thermal springs here while prospecting for oil in the 20C. Bathing here is recommended for those who suffer from rheumatism, some kind of backbone problems, or are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation. Those who have some kind of stomach problems should use this water as drinking cure.

Nowadays there are one open-air and one indoor pools in the small spa. There is also a buffet and a restaurant inside.


Archeologists found here interesting finds from the Stone Ages, like some peace of mammoth bones, polished stone tools. So it seams like this land was already inhabited at this early age.

Before the Hungarian conquest, Avar and Slav people inhabited this area. After it became the property of Bogát, one of the leaders of the conquerors. After him Koppány owned this land, but when Stephan I defeated him in the 10C, it became crowns land. Due to this, the Benedictine order settled here in the early Middle Ages according to the Christianization plan of the king. You can still see the ruins of the former monastery.

After some years, this land became the property of noble families. One great fort was built, but when the Turks invaded Hungary, Babócsa became part of the Ottoman Empire. After Turkish times, Croatian, Turkish, Serb and Gypsy people settled here. In the 18C Babócsa had started to develop, and soon it became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. In the 19C rich noble families’ castles were built. In the 20C some other develops were made and the first, simple bathing facilities were opened for public.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Babócsa, and visit its historical monuments or take some excursions in its surround.

As already mentioned, the old Benedictine monastery’s ruins still remain. You should also visit the former Somssich and Prinke castles.

If you like natural beauty, you should take a walk in the surrounding forests or meadows. Babócsa is famous from its Narcissus Festival. Don’t miss to visit the narcissus meadow, which is unique all around Europe.



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