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Mezőkövesd - Zsóry Gyógy- és Strandfürdő

3400- Mezőkövesd
Napfürdõ út 1.


You may spend some pleasant days, rich in experiences if you visit the town known as the “capital of Matyó Land” if you visit the famous Zsóry Thermal Spa.


One found the thermal springs here in the thirteenth while boring for hydrocarbon in this area. The owner of this land was Lajos Zsóry that time. After discovering the thermal springs, he realized the great opportunities in the healing water and he started to sell the water in bottles, and also opened the first baths.

The healing water here contains calcium, magnesium, chloride, hydrogen-carbonic, and sulphide. The use of the water is recommended for those who suffer of rheums, have some joint problems or are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation. It is also good to strengthen your health because of its high chloride content.


The spa is situated in a large and beautiful park. There are three open-air thermal pools and an aqua park for those who enjoy the adventure-pools, with wave machine, and a circle-pool. Inside the building there are three indoor thermal-pools, and one swimming-pool. Besides these, there are various kinds of treatments available, like mud-pack, sauna or massages.


Archaeologists found here finds from the time of the great migrations, so it seams like this land was already inhabited at that early time.

The first Hungarian source which mentioned the name of Mez?kövesd dates back to the 13C. This time the land was uninhabited for some reasons, but in the 14C it was inhabited again. In the 15C it was already an oppidium, a small town with some privileges. King Mathias gave some further privileges to the town, - such as they didn’t have to pay the ordinary taxes, only 200 gold-forints every year – because the people of Mez?kövesd suffered a lot during the war against the Hussit. When the Turks invaded Hungary, this land suffered a lot of attacks, so only few people didn’t migrate from here.

In the 18C the town started to develop again. After this time it was an important trade, industrial and cultural centre of this region.

Place of interest

You might bee wondering what does it mean Matyó? Together with some surrounding villages, like Szentistván and Tard, the inhabitants of Mez?kövesd represent a special ethnographic unit, with their famous colorful national costumes, and traditions. The name “matyó” was given by other people living in neighboring villages, who were Protestants. Matyó meant Catholics between the Protestant villages. From the late 19C the Matyó people were idealized perception of folk culture in Hungary and were used as national symbol for a long time.

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town visit its historical and cultural monuments and get to know more about this land’s traditions.

Of course even nowadays the main attraction here is the culture and the traditions of matyó people. If you would like to know more about their colorful traditions, visit the Matyó Museum or the Bori Kis Jankó Memorial House. Both have interesting displays about this special ethnographic unit. In the last you will see the most famous pattern-designer’s works – Bori Kis Jankó – exhibited and you can also learn more about the life of seasonal workers in the 19C. If you visit the so known Hadas, an old part of the town, you’ll see how matyó people lived. Hadas, with its small squares and piece of grounds, irregularly winding streets and old buildings, has the atmosphere of matyó lifestyle in the 18-19C. There is a barn, where you can visit folk performances.

In the Town Gallery works of famous creators of the town are exhibited.

If you like to visit sacred places, don’t miss to enter the St László Church. It is a Gothic church which dates back to the 15C.

Besides these, there are great festivals held in Mez?kövesd, so ask, before traveling, to make sure you won’t bee missing them!

If you have the time and the possibility, the surrounding villages and the Bükk Hills are also worth a visit. For example only 10km far from Mez?kövesd, there is a small village, with thermal spa. If you want to know more about Bogács, read the descriptions of its spa. In the Bükk Hills there great tours for those who like excursions and the small villages between the hills have special atmospheres, so they are also worth a visit!

Mezőkövesd - Zsóry Gyógy- és Strandfürdő


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