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Miskolc - Diósgyőri Strandfürdő

3534- Miskolc
Vár u. 1.


You may take a rest near a Medieval Castle, if you visit the Castle Baths of Diósgy?r. The castle here is one of the most important monuments in Hungary from the pre-Turkish times which still remain.


There are two open-air swimming pools in the complex, which is situated in a large park. Besides swimming you may also use the original Finnish saunas.


Diósgy?r nowadays is a part of Miskolc town. The first source which mentions the name of Diósgy?r dates back to the early Middle Ages. The first castle was built here on a great rock, which emerged from this marshy land. It was damaged when the Tatars invaded Hungary in the 13C. Then a new castle was built in the 15C. It became the property of the queen, and it was used as a summer residency. When the Turks invaded Hungary the castle was rebuilt and it became a fort. After the Turkish times, it was no longer an important fort, so it gradually fell into ruin. Restorations of the castle took place only in 1950s.

The surround of the castle got famous in the 18C from its paper-manufacturing. Under the 19C it became an important industrial part of Miskolc, when coal-industry and iron-works also started here. Nowadays Diósgy?r is no longer an industrial centre, the most important is tourism now.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in swimming pools, there are plenty of interesting things to see and do in Diósgy?r and its surroundings.

First of all don’t miss to visit the Castle Museum, with its interesting historical exhibitions inside the castle.

After, go to Miskolc town, where a lot of interesting sights and programs are waiting for you. If you like to visit sacred places, don’t miss to take a walk to the famous church tower of Miskolc, which also became the symbol of the town. If you visit the Greek Orthodox Church, which stands near of the Minorite Church of the town, you’ll see the largest iconostasis in Hungary, carved by Miklós Jankovics in the 18C and painted by Anton Kuchelmeister. In the nave there is a Black Mary of Kazan, which was given by Tsarina Catherine, when she passed through Miskolc on her way to Vienna. Also worth a visit the unusual Calvinist church, the so-known Plan Church (Deszka-templom). It was built in 1938, and renovated in 1999 after a fire seriously damaged the church in 1997. If you like Gothic style, don’t miss to visit the great Calvinist Church with a chapel dating back the mid-13C, which stands on the side of the hill overlooking the town.

If you would like to know more about Miskolc and its surrounds, visit the Otto Hermann Museum. There you can see exhibitions about local history and folk arts, and a display about the minerals of Hungary. In the Town Gallery, you will see works of contemporary artists’. There are some interesting industrial exhibitions here, for example the exhibition in the old foundry (?skohó).

It is worth it to stay here fore a few days, and visit the surrounding towns like Miskolctapolca and Lilafüred.

You may walk around a romantic place if you visit Lilafüred. This enchanting resort area is situated among the wooded and rocky hills, by the side of Lake Hámori. The Palace Hotel and the small village below has a special atmosphere. It is like stepping into a fairy tail.

You may refresh you self in an exotic bath, if you visit the famous spa of Miskolctapolca. The unusual thermal cave bath is unique all around Europe.

If you have the time and the possibility, it is also worth it to discover the surrounding Zemplén Range. You can take some nice excursions around the Aggtelek Caves, and there are interesting towns and villages in this area, like Szerencs with its castle from the 16C or Mád with its Baroque synagogue. If you head for the place, where River Tisza meets River Bodrog, you may taste the most famous Hungarian wine at his origin, in Tokaj.

Besides these, Miskolc has a lively cultural life, so before traveling, try to get to know about festivals or other performances during your stay here!



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