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ThermalToursENG - Nagyatádi Termál és Gyógyfürdő - Nagyatád
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Nagyatádi Termál és Gyógyfürdő

7500- Nagyatád
Széchenyi tér



You may choose from two spas and have a nice, peaceful time, if you visit Nagyatád.


The older spa of Nagyatád has been opened for public in 1906. Since it was rebuilt time after time, so it is a comfortable and modern spa today, with a long history. The water is an alkalis medicinal water which contains sodium-hydrogen-carbonic. It is recommended for those who have metabolic disturbance or some kind of motor disease. Besides the thermal pools different kinds of treatments are also available, like massages, mud pack and you may also use this water as drinking cure.


The other spa was built during the 80s. Besides the thermal pools it has a swimming pool and one small pool for the children.


The first settlement here became deserted when the Tatars invaded Hungary. The new settlement was already an oppidium in the 15C, which means it was a small town with some privileges. During Turkish times it became deserted again. Its new owners called Vendish and Croatian settlers, so in the 18C it was a flourishing small town again. When in the 20C the first spa was built, it became popular for its bathing culture as well. After the World Wars Nagyatád had to deal with some serious problems, but after some develops it got the title of town again.

Place of interest

Some people call Nagyatás the town of parks and spas. After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town, because there are some nice and interesting sights around.

First take a walk to one of the oldest buildings in town, the Franciscan church and monastery.

The most imposing building in Nagyatád is the Mádl castle, which also has a beautiful garden, where you may take a peaceful walk after traveling around the country.

If you would like to know more about the history of Nagyatád, and about famous people, who live or lived here before (writers, artists or politicians) you should visit the Town Gallery. There is also an interesting statue park in the garden of this building complex.

If you like beautiful gardens don’t miss to take a walk in the Town Park, where you can see some remarkable old trees.

Nagyatádi Termál és Gyógyfürdő


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