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Nagybajomi Termálfürdő

7561- Nagybajom



You may choose from two spas and have a nice, peaceful time, if you visit Nagybajom.


One of the spa is the Boronka Thermal Villa Park. It was built in recent years. The water contains sulphur and iodide thus it is mostly recommended for those who have rheumatism or some kind of joint problems. Inside the complex there are different kinds of pools which include a swimming pool and also an aqua park. Besides bathing different kinds of treatments are also available like massages, sauna, solarium or gymnastics.

The older sap was built during the 70s. The water here is the same as the water in the new spa. Besides the thermal pools there is also one swimming pool in this complex.


The name of the settlement used to mean “rich” in the early Middle Ages. The first source which mentioned the name of Nagybajom dates back to the 12C. This settlement developed almost unbrokenly until the 20C, when one of the great battles of the Second World War was fought nearby.

Nagybajom is famous for lots of birds living here and in neighboring land. It got the title of the European Village of Storks in recent years for lost of storks living in the settlement. Nowadays tourism is getting more and more important in the everyday life of Nagybajom.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Nagybajom and the surrounding land.

There are 37 old wooden headboards on tombs in Nagybajom, all are under the defense of monuments.

In the old mansion of István Sárközy – a fromer owner of the settlement – is the Local History Museum now. Here you can see some interesting exhibitions about the history and culture of Nagybajom.

It is worth to take a short excursion to the neighboring Koroknyaouszta, where you can see some ruins of an old castle from the early Middle Ages.



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