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ThermalToursENG - Nagykanizsai Gyógyfürdő - Nagykanizsa
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Nagykanizsai Gyógyfürdő

8800- Nagykanizsa


You may have a pleasant time in a nice town if you decide o take a rest in the spa of Nagykanizsa. This spa is mostly recommended for those who would like to swim, do some sports during their holidays. The complex has four swimming pools.


The name of Nagykanizsa used to mean “the property of the prince”, so it seams like it had high-ranking owners from the beginning. The first source which mentioned the name of Nagykanizsa dates back to the 13C. In the 14C it was the property of the Kanizsai family and became the center of their land. There was also a castle in town in this century and soon Nagykanizsa became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges, like holding a market or get taxes from traders. During 16C the castle had been strengthen, and became an important border fortress. In the 16C it was also an important trade center due to the trade routs to Italy and Styria which lead through the town.

After the loss of Szigetvár it became more important as a fortress. The walls of Nagykanizsa were attacked time after time by Turkish troops. Finally, the defenders gave up the castle in 1600. It was reoccupied only in the 18C. The town recovered soon from the loss of the wars and Turkish times, and became an important cultural, economical and trade center of this land in the 19C. In the 20C more develops were made, like road surface modernizations, new factories were built, boring for hydro-carbon started etc. After Trianon, hard times came, because the town had lost its important trade connections with the new borders.

Nowadays it is a still developing, charming town with a lively cultural life.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town, because there are some great sights, interesting monuments and programs around in town.

First take a walk to the Iron Man House (Vasemberház). This imposing building was the property of an iron trader before. Nowadays you can see small shops downstairs. Upstairs you’ll find some great halls, one of which is the marriage room of the town; the others are halls for great parties or other important and elegant entertainments.

Nearby you can see a monument, which was built in memory of the former castle, after it was destroyed by the Hapsburgs in the 18C.

If you like these citizen buildings from the 18-19C, you should also go to see the Casino, which was an important place where men could meet and talk in the Reform Period of Hungary. The former Bazaar and the imposing building of the savings bank were renovated in recent years. This building complex has a pleasant garden, where you can listen to nice concerts in summer time.

The first Hungarian Insurance Company’s house was built in Nagykanizsa. This old building is one of the beauties in town, so you shouldn’t miss to see it. Nearby is the imposing building of the bank, which is also worth the tour!

There are some interesting and nice mansions all around the town. It is worth to get lost in the center of the town to see the former homes of rich tradesmen of Nagykanizsa.



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