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Nyíregyháza - Sóstó - Tófürdő

4431- Nyíregyháza
Blaha Lujza sétány 1.


You may refresh you self in a beautiful, peaceful place, a real Paradise of the spa’s if you visit Sóstó, only 6 km far from Nyíregyháza.


This natural spa was the first bathing facility in Sóstó. It was opened at the beginning of the 20C. Nowadays there are two pools inside this old complex. It is a perfect place to refresh your self in natural circumstances.


Sóstó is a popular holiday resort near Nyíregyháza. Its history begun with the 20C after the first bathing facility was built.

The first source which mentioned the name of the Nyíregyháza dates back to the 13C. Its first inhabitants were the former soldiers of the earthwork in Szabolcs.

During Turkish times the town had been destroyed by the Tatar troops but was rebuilt and strengthened soon after. In the 17C hajdú people settled here. “Hajdú-“ means some soldiers, who were before herdsman. In the 16C they organized them self into some kind of military groups. In the 17C István Bocskai availed himself of their services in the first Hungarian uprising against the Hapsburgs in 1604. After according to his promises, he gave land and noble rights to these soldiers.

During the 17-18C the town was attacked time after time and became almost deserted. Its new owner Ferenc Károlyi gave some kinds of privileges foe the new settlers who came to live in the town after the wars. Most of the new settlers were Slovakian people.

During the 19-20C its importance grew and some develops were made. Nyíregyháza became an important market and administrative center. After the World Wars and Trianon it became borderland and the town’s importance decline. Some develops were made only during the 60s. Nowadays tourism is getting more and more important.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town. You can take some nice and peaceful walks in the center of Nyíregyháza and see its nice, imposing buildings built in secessionist, baroque and eclectic styles. Don1t miss to see the Town Hall which stands in Lajos Kossuth square, the old hotel known as Korona Hotel or the former building of the savings bank.

If you are interested in ecclesiastical history, you should visit the exhibition in the greek catholic castle. In András Jósa Museum you can see different kinds of displays which include local history, fine arts and applied arts or literature. You can see some exhibitions of contemporary modern arts in the Town Gallery or in Visuart Gallery.

If you like peaceful places the nearby Sóstó with its bathing facilities, Animal Park, Village Museum and natural beauties is a perfect place to take a rest after traveling around the country.

Nyíregyháza - Sóstó - Tófürdő


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