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ThermalToursENG - Ózd - Városi Strandfürdő - Ózd
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Ózd - Városi Strandfürdő

3600- Ózd
Tamás út 6.


The spa of Ózd is mostly recommended for those who like to do sports even under their holidays. There are two open-air swimming pools in town, and also one indoor swimming pool. You can take some great excursions by foot or by bike in the surrounding hills. It is a peaceful place with few tourists and a beautiful landscape.


The first source which mentioned the name of Ózd dates back to the 13C. The name of the settlement comes from the former tribe, known as Uz. These people were related to the Huns. It was before a united nation, but became scattered in the 11C and one group settled here in Hungary. Ózd was a small village until the 19C. Than, when coal-mining had started, this land started to develop very quickly. Not only Ózd, but all the surrounding settlements as well. New settlers migrated here in hope of working in one of the factories or in the coal-mines. In 1949 it became a town. During the communist era this town was extremely developed. After the political transformation in Hungary, Ózd has lost its former importance in industrial life. Almost all the factories and mines were closed, people lost their jobs and became poor and depressed. You may also see this while walking around the town. Nevertheless it is interesting to see a town, which was a paradise during the Communist Era and became one of the poorest towns and land after the democratically changes in Hungary…

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the small town center of Ózd. During the Communist Era new block houses were built for those people who migrated here to work in the coal-mines and the factories. These ugly, grey, “cube houses” destroyed the former old center and the atmosphere of Ózd. But you may still find some old buildings from the 19C if you take a walk to the old center of the town, near the hospital.

More interesting and beautiful is the surrounding land, where you can take some great excursions to small villages near Ózd or to the surrounding hills.



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