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Pápai Várkertfürdő

8500- Pápa
Várkert út 5. (Külső Várkert)



You may refresh your self in a charming and peaceful town if you visit the spa of Pápa. The Castle Baths were built in recent years in place of the former Town Baths.


Inside the complex there are different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools like thermal pools, an aqua park, swimming pools and small pools for the children. Besides these different kinds of treatments are also available like massages, under water gymnastics, sauna, solarium, etc. There are also sport grounds around and one weight room.


In early Middle Ages there were 11 separated villages here. These were united and Pápa soon became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. The monastic orders which settled here played an important role in the town’s history. It is interesting that even though (or because?) it was an important center of monastic orders, Protestantism come into use very quickly in the town, and soon Pápa became one of the most important center of Protestantism after Sopron and Sárvár. When the Turks invaded Hungary in the 16C it became part of the Ottoman Empire for a short period of time. After Turkish times the town was rebuilt. These new buildings characterize the town until present day. In the 19C lots of Jewish tradesmen settled here, thus Pápa became an important trade center of this land. They built a nice synagogue in the town, which still can bee seen. It is the third largest synagogue in Hungary. In the 20C Pápa had to deal with serious problems after and under the World Wars, but recovered and was rebuilt again. It is still a charming town with peaceful atmosphere but also a lively cultural life.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town because there are some interesting exhibitions and imposing buildings and monuments in the center of the town.

If you like sacred places, you should visit the old synagogue, the Great Calvinist Church or the Benedictine temple. There is also an interesting Museum of ecclesiastical history and arts.

Behind the Great Calvinist Church you should visit the former castle of the Esterházy family, a famous Hungarian noble family. They played an important role in the cultural and political life of Hungary during the Reform Period in the 19C. This imposing castle was built in the style of the castle of Versailles.

In the museum of the Calvinist Secondary School you may see displays about local history. There is also a mummy from Egypt here. This was a donation of a former student of the school.

There is an interesting exhibition about blue textile painting in the old factory’s building. You may also see displays about the works of Irén Bódy one famous master of this special blue designed textile.

The other exhibition of special theme in Pápa is the Pharmacy Museum in the old pharmacy known as Pomegranate Pharmacy (Gránátalma Patika).

If you like to know more about the folk culture of this land, you should visit the János Hollósy Museum.

Pápai Várkertfürdő


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