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Pásztói Strandfürdő

3060- Pásztó
Kossuth Lajos utca 116.


You may have a pleasant time if you visit the spa of Pásztó. The water contains calcium, magnesium-hydrogen-carbonic thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease. Inside the complex there are one thermal pool and one small pool for the children. The well-kept park around the pools is a perfect place to take a rest after traveling around the country.


The first source which mentioned the name of Pásztó was the Gesta of Anonymus. According to this Árpád the leader of the Hungarian conquerors sent his troops to conquer Nyitra, Nógrád and Hont shires. The finds that archeologists found here seems to establish the truth of this source.

Pásztó became a settlement with its own church very soon. In the 12C the Benedictine order built a monastery here. This was one of the most imposing monasteries in Europe in the 12C. By the end of the century the Cistercian order took over the monastery.

In the 15C Pásztó got the title of a town. The citizens of the town got the same rights as the citizens of Buda. During Turkish times it became part of the Ottoman Empire. After, it was rebuilt and started to develop again. Nevertheless, it has lost the title of the town in the 20C and got it back only during the 80s.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Pásztó. The most imposing part of the town is the old center. You may see a town-house of a former citizen from the 15C. This building is the only town-house which could bee reconstructed from this early period. Nearby is a museum where you can see the displays about the find that archeologists found here. South of the museum you may see the remains of the glass-works of the former Benedictine monastery. These glass-works are unique in Hungary.

If you are interested in sacred places you should visit the temples of baroque and gothic styles in Pásztó. The oldest chapel dates back to the 13C. It stands by the side of the Catholic Church.

If you like to know more about the Cistercian order and local history, you should visit the exhibition in the former Cistercian monastery.

It is also worth to take a small excursion in the surrounding hills. For example you should walk up to the ruins of the Cserteri castle. You may have some great views from here to the plains and Pásztó.



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