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Püspökladányi Gyógyfürdő

4150- Püspökladány
Petõfi út 62.



Püspökladány is situated in the cross of Hortobágy, Nagy Sárrét and Nagykunság. It is only 45km far from Debrecen, so you can reach it easily.

It is a typical town of the Great Plain, which is definitely worth the tour, and not only for its special atmosphere, but also for its rebuilt, comfortable spa.

One found the thermal water of this spa during the 20s. The first bathing facilities were built soon after, so bathing has a long history in Püspökladány.


The water contains sodium-chloride, hydrogen-carbonic, iodide and bromide thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of joint problems, muscular pain, rheumatism or backbone problems. Inside the complex there are two thermal pools, one swimming pool and a small pool for the children. After refreshing your self in the pools there are some sport grounds around in the well-kept park for those who like to do some sports. Besides these, different kinds of treatments are also available like massages, therapeutic gymnastics, mud pack, sauna, solarium etc.


According to the finds that archeologists found here – like the catacombs in the nearby Kincses Hill – this place was inhabited since 4000years.

Nobody knows when the first Hungarian settlement was built here. The first source which mentioned the name of Püspökladány dates back to the 13C. The settlement developed slowly until the 19C. Until that time it became deserted again and again, new owners and settlers came and gone. In the 19C after it got the title of an oppidium- which means a small town with some privileges, like to hold a market –, the regulation of river ways and some modernizations in agriculture, Püspökladány started to develop quickly. Soon the railway was laid down and new routes were made so it became an important trade center of this land. In the 20C more important civil institutions were built - like new schools, hospital, library, saving banks etc.-, so Püspökladány became the cultural, trade and the administrational center of this land. It got the title of a town in 1986.

Place of interest

After spending some time in the spa and refreshing your self you should take a walk in the town.

The imposing building of the railway station was built in the 19C. From here you should walk to the center of the town. One of the buildings has a great wall painting made by a Spanish painter. In the center of the town you will find some great, well-kept parks with some nice statues or fountains inside. You should also visit the Calvinist Church which was built in classicist style in the 18C or the Catholic Church with its peaceful park and a nice statue id St Imre prince the son of the first Hungarian king, who died at early age.

If you like exhibitions there are some interesting museums in the town. You can see displays about folk culture in Ferenc Karacs museum or temporary displays in the town gallery. At summertime there is also a great Beer Festival and a famous Folk Festival of folk music and dances in Püspökladány. Try to get some information about these before traveling to town.

If you like to walk around in natural beauties, you should take a walk in the forest, which is an arboretum or the by the side of the fish pond nearby the spa.

Püspökladányi Gyógyfürdő


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