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3100- Salgótarján
Pécskő út 13.


The spa of Salgótarján with its great swimming pool is mostly recommended for those who like to do sports. It is a nice town surrounded by hills where you can take some excursions after refreshing your self in the spa.


The second half of the name of the town, “Tarján” was the name of one of the ten Hungarian tribes in the 9-10C. Salgótarján developed slowly until the 19C. When the first coal-mines were opened, it became an important industrial center of Hungary. Besides coal-mining, iron industry was the most important industrial sector. Soon the railway was laid down, new houses, schools and other important civil institutions were built for the people who migrated to Salgótarján to work in the new factories and the mines. After the Second World War and Trianon the town became a country-town and one of the most important industrial centers of northern Hungary. After the democratically changes in 1989 the industrial life got into a critical situation, the factories were closed and lots of people have lost their jobs. This is still a great problem in Salgótarján. Tourism might bee one way to solve this problem.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the swimming pool, you should take a walk in the town because there are some interesting sights and museums in the town.

If you like museums, you can see some interesting displays in the Mine Museum or the Observatory which was built during the 80s. If you like to know more about the history of Salgótarján, you should visit the Historical Museum. There is also a small cottage in town, which is a Sándor Pet?fi Memorial Museum nowadays. People say, when this famous Hungarian poet came to Salgótarján, he spent some time in this little cottage.

If you like to take excursions, and you like to see ruins of old castles, there are some great trips you can choose from in the surrounding hills. To find out the way to these old ruins, you should get maps in the town and ask people how to reach the old castle of Salgó from the 13C, wherefrom you can get some great views of the plains or to castle of Somosk? where you can also see some nice basalt columns near the ruins.

Besides these there are also some great festivals and other kinds of interesting performances in the town, so try to get information about these before traveling!



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