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Sárospatak - Végardó Termálfürdő

3950- Sárospatak
Határ utca 2/b.



You may refresh your self in a pleasant town if you visit the spa of Sárospatak. The water contains sodium-sulphate, hydrogen-carbonic, magnesium and calcium thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of joint problems or circulation sickness. You may also use this water as drinking cure. Inside the complex besides the thermal pool there are a swimming pool and one small pool for the children.


According to the finds that archeologists found here and also the written history of this land, it was inhabited since the Roman Ages. Its former name was Potamopolis than. The first Hungarian source which mentions the name of Sárospatak was the famous Gesta Hungarorum written by the unknown monk, Anonymous.

After the Tatar invasion it became deserted. The new settlers were mostly Italians. They started to cultivate grape and make wine in Sárospatak. During the 14-17C the town got different kinds privileges from its owners, the kings and the princes. When it became the property of the Rákóczy family and Susanna Lórántffy, the town flourished.

Although the town was attacked and was the place of some fights of religion, it also developed during the centuries, and became an important cultural center of this land.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the old center of the town to see some interesting displays and imposing buildings of Sárospatak.

One of the most imposing sights is of course the former castle of the Rákóczy family. You can see interesting displays about the history of the castle, the town and this great Hungarian noble family. Don’t miss to visit the church of the castle which has the largest Gothic hall in Hungary.

The atmosphere and the style of Sárospatak today is formed by the old buildings from former centuries, but also by the great buildings designed by one of the most famous Hungarian architects Imre Makovecz. You should visit the House of Culture or the new buildings of the center of the town to see his imposing works.

If you are interested in libraries, don’t miss to visit the Great Library of Sárospatak, which was established in the 16C. You can see this in the Calvinist Secondary School of Sárospatak. This imposing old building and its displays about history, folk culture and the School are also worth to see.

If you are interested in fine arts, you should visit the town gallery where you can see displays about works of Hungarian artists.

Besides these you should also explore the surrounding land which is rich in natural beauties. For example you should take a walk to Megyer hill to see the mountain lake.

This town has a lively cultural life with temporary exhibitions, festivals and other kinds of performances, so you should get some information about these before traveling.

Sárospatak - Végardó Termálfürdő


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