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Sellye Városi Termálfürdő

7960- Sellye
Fürdõ út


You may refresh your self in familiar atmosphere if you visit the small spa of Sellye. The water is recommended for those who have some kind of joint problems. There are two open air pools in the complex, one thermal pool and one swimming pool. The spa also has a camp side and a fish pond where you can take a rest after swimming in the pools.


Archeologists found here coins from the Roman Ages. The first source which mentions the name of the Sellye dates back to the 13C. During the rule of King Matthias the town flourished. It was an important renaissance cultural center in the 16C. When the Turks invaded Hungary it became part of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish troops burnt down the Franciscans monastery. In the 18C after expelling the Turks from Hungary, Sellye started to develop again and soon became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges.

During the 20C Sellye could hold its important status, and got the title of a town in 1997. It is still the cultural and the economical center of the surrounding land known as Ormánság.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town to see its historical and cultural monuments.

First take a walk to the former Drasskovich castle. Nowadays it is a secondary school of agriculture and its garden is a reserved arboretum.

If you are interested in history and folk culture, you should visit the Géza Kiss Museum of Ormánság. One of the most interesting thing here is the house in the garden which was brought from a neighboring village. It was built to bee able to move if its owners would like to replace the whole house.

If you like wonder around in natural beauties, don’t miss to visit the Small Meadow (Kisrét) nearby the town, where you can see beautiful flowers like orchids.

Sellye Városi Termálfürdő


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