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Sopron Tómalom Fürdő

9400- Sopron


You may spend some nice days in a lovely town which is rich in historical and cultural monuments if you visit Sopron. In the town and in its surround there are some great bathing facilities.

One of these opportunities is to refresh your self in Tómalom Baths. This spa is situated between Lake Fert? and Sopron. This spa is a great place to take a rest, or do some sports. There are also different kinds of treatments available, like massages or fitness.


According to the finds founded here by archeologists, this land was inhabited since the Iron Ages. They found here remains of Illyrian earthworks. During the Roman Ages the name of Sopron was Scrabantia. It was situated near some important trade routes. After, during the Great Migrations, all kinds of folks inhabited this land for some time.

In the 11C, soon after the Hungarian conquest, the first castle was built. It was the residence of the land-steward. The name of the town also originates from the name of its first land-steward, “Suprun”. In the 12C Sopron was already an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. In the 13C it became a real town, with some further privileges, like every caravan had to stop in the town and sell some of its merchandise. It was because Sopron was situated near the important trade route to the West. Besides trade, the inhabitants lived from agriculture. The wine of Sopron was already famous in the Middle Ages.

During the 16-17C the town became under the rule of Lutherans. This was the time when its handicraft developed. During the 18-19C Sopron has lost its importance in trade and economy, but staid an important cultural centre of Hungary.

After Trianon, Sopron got the name “the town of faith”, because its inhabitants decided to be a part of Hungary and not Austria.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you may explore the surrounding country side, or take a walk in Sopron. The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties, a perfect place for excursions or bicycle tours.

Sopron is one of those towns in Hungary, where you may walk around without real destination, you will find something interesting almost on every corner.

Since neither the Mongols nor the Turks reached Sopron, so the town is the most “medieval” of any Hungarian town. Most sights of the town are found in its compact centre, which has retained a medieval atmosphere and which has a remarkably high number of listed monuments. During your walk around the centre, don’t miss to visit the famous Fire Tower. There are some fabulous views overlooking the whole town. The tower stands on F? tér, next to the Town Hall. There are also some museums around (listed below). In the middle of the square stands the Baroque Trinity Column.

If you would like to see sacred places, first you should visite the so-called Goat Church on F? tér. Before it was a Franciscans church built in the 13C, but later it was rebuilt by Benedictines in the 14C. From here you should take a walk to Orsolyita tér, where you can see the neo-Gothic Church of the Virgin Mary. Új utca is a great way to Orsolyita tér, so you can also visit the Medieval Synagogue on your way. In the oratory of the Orsolyita convent you can see an exhibition about ecclesiastical art.

There are some interesting exhibitions about economical history in the town. For example, there is a great exhibition about mining, different kinds of works in the forest and on the lands. The exhibition is situated in a nice arboretum, where you can also take a pleasant walk. But there is also a Pharmacy Museum on F? tér, or a Bakery Museum more distant.

There is no central museum in Sopron, because they didn’t find a good place for it until1913. Thus, you can visit the displays of different historical ages and culture in scattered places around Sopron. All buildings are old and great mansions, where you can also get some idea about how rich noble families lived in the town during the 18-19C.

You should visit Lanck Villa, to see some exhibits about folk culture. If you would like to see some more of this theme, you should visit the Folk museum at Fert?széplak, a few kilometers away from Sopron.

In Fabricius House you can see the archeological displays. In Storno House there are some further archeological displays and also an exhibition of the furnishings of the 19C. If you would like to know more about Roman Ages, you should visit the underground exhibition in Új utca 1.

Besides these, there are some great festivals and other kinds of performances through the year in Sopron, to try to get some information before planning!



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