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ThermalToursENG - Szarvas - Városi Fürdő és Élményfürdő - Szarvas
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Szarvas - Városi Fürdő és Élményfürdő

5540- Szarvas
Kossuth utca 23.



You may refresh your self in a pleasant town if you visit the spa of Szarvas. The spa was rebuilt and enlarged in recent years. Inside the complex there are different kinds of pools like thermal pools, an aqua park with some great designs, medicinal pool etc. The water is recommended for those who have rheumatism, or muscular pains. Besides the medicinal water different kinds of treatments are also available.


The first source which mentioned the name of Szarvas was the Gesta Hungarorum written by Anonymous, which dates back to the 13C. During Turkish times it was an important place of traversing, so a small fort was built to protect Szarvas from Turkish troops. Even though, the settlement became deserted by the end of the 17C. Its new owner János György Harruckern called new Slovakian settlers to this land. Szarvas started to develop in the 18C, due to the new agricultural school established by Sámuel Tessedik.

In the 19C the first printing office of Békés shire was opened here. One of the owners of this land, the Bolza family built great mansions and castle, established an arboretum, so Szarvas flourished during this century. The view of the town today took shape during the 19C.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town to see its historical and cultural monuments and some interesting exhibitions.

If you like to see how and where rich noble people lived before in former centuries, you should take a walk to the mansions and castles in Szarvas, like the former houses of Mitrovszky, Bolza, and the Csáky families. In most of them you’ll find some public institutions nowadays, but the buildings look the same as centuries before.

If you like museums and you are interested in history and folk culture, you should visit the former agricultural school which is a Sámuel Tessedik Museum nowadays. After take a walk to the old mill, to see how people used to make flour in Szarvas.

This is a peaceful place with some imposing castles and mansions and a special atmosphere which is definitely worth the tour!



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