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Battonya Termál Strandfürdő

5830- Battonya
Fő u. 84.



You may spend some pleasant days in Battonya, if you visit its spa. The town is situated near the Romanian border in Békés shire. In the surrounding land you may see the natural beauties of the Great Plane and there are some great sacred monuments in the town.


The water here is officially not healing water yet, but the experience of the residents of Battonya is that the water has a beneficial result against motor disorders. Inside the complex there are one thermal pool, two swimming pools and a small pool for the children. There are also some sport grounds around.


Although the town has a long history, its present design was made by Austrian architects in the 19C.

The oldest monument of early history of Battonya was found in recent times. Archeologists found here an old round church from the 11C. The first source which mentioned the name of the town dates back to the 14C. Between the owners of this land, you can find famous Hungarian noble families and politicians. For example János Hunyadi, who was a famous general and also the father of King Mathias, was one of them. From the beginning only Hungarian inhabited the town. In the 18C some Roman, and in the 19C some Slovak people settled here.

In the 19C some develops were made, and the town became an important trade and economical centre. After Trianon, everything has changed. Battonya had lost its important connections to the East, and became border land. The town still has to fight against this disadvantage. The spa complex and tourism is one way out of this situation.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town. The different nations of the town all built up their churches around Battonya. Visiting the Catholic church, the Evangelic church, the Rumanian and Serbian Ortodox churches one after the other is like taking a small trip in the history of religion.

The center of the old town is F? tér, where you can see the Town Hall, which dates back to the 19C, and the great neo-Renaissance building of Korona Szálló. After some reconstructions, this building became a hotel again.

The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties, so it is worth to explore. The national park known as Battopnya-Tompapusztai természetvédelmi terület is near Battonya, where you can wonder around in a beautiful land.

Battonya Termál Strandfürdő


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