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ThermalToursENG - Szentendre - Villa Vitae Wellness Gyógyszálló - Szentendre
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Szentendre - Villa Vitae Wellness Gyógyszálló

2000- Szentendre
Ady E. u. 26.


You may refresh you self in a spa of high quality, if you visit the Villa Vitae Wellness Hotel of Szentendre. Besides the thermal pools, different kinds of therapeutic and beauty treatments are available in the hotel.

If you like beaches, there are also open-air pools in Szentendre, on the northern side of the town, on a small island known as Pap-sziget. If you would like to stay longer time, near the pools there is a campside.


During the Roman Times there were important fortresses here. The name of Szentendre was Ulcisa Castra. After, during the time of the great migrations, all kinds of folks lived here for a small period of time.

In the 11C Stephan I donated this land to the bishop of Veszprém. That time it had no name. The first settlement got its name in the 12C from St Andrew, the saint of the first parish church here. The small town flourished in the 14C due to the privileges given by the king and that it was situated by the side of an important trade road, which ran from Buda to Esztergom and Visegrád.

When the Turks invaded Hungary in the 16C the town became almost deserted, all its inhabitants migrated from here to more peaceful places. After the Turkish times, lots of Serbian settlers came to the town. They were mostly craftsmen and tradesmen. During the 17-19C the town was built up again. The buildings and streets from this time still remain and determinate the atmosphere of the town. In the 19C after a flood and some epidemics, new German and Slovak settlers came to the town, and some new factories were built.

During the 20C tourism started to play the main role in the life of the town.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self, you should take a walk in the town. Its narrow streets, old buildings, churches, small shops and restaurants have a special atmosphere.

If you take the steps up to Templom tér (Church square), which is the highest point of the old town, and look around, you will see church towers all around. At noon you will even hear the “voice of every tower”, when one ring the church bells one after another. After, you should also visit these churches. For example, right on the square you can enter the Catholic Prish Church. The Blagovestenska Serbian Orthodox Church of Baroque style, near F? tér is the only Serbian church which is open for viewing. The great paintings of the gilded iconostasis inside are worth the visit! If you are interested in Serbian sacral mementos, visit the Serbian Orthodox Museum behind Belgrade Church to the north of Templom tér.

There are great exhibitions of arts in the town. You should visit the Margit Kovács Museum. She was a famous ceramics designer, whose works have some special charm, which you shouldn’t miss to see. You can see the works of the talented Ferenczy family in Rerenczy Museum. Károly and Valér were painters, Noémi was a tapestry-maker and Béni was a sculptor. In Béla Czóbel Museum you can see the works of a post-impressionist painter, who worked in Paris and Szentendre. There are also lost of temporary exhibits and other small museums around the town, you may find small galleries almost in every street.

There are also interesting gastronomical displays in Szamos Marcipan Museum, the Wine Museum, the Paprika House or Dobos Museum.

If you are interested in folk arts and culture, there is a Folk Museum in Szentendre, but maybe it is a more better choice to visit the great Open-air Village Museum only few kilometers away from the town, where you can see interesting displays and also performances and some craftsmen by work.

Besides these, there are different kinds of festivals, and other kinds of performances throughout the year. You should ask before traveling, what kind of programs you can visit during your stay in the town.

Szentendre - Villa Vitae Wellness Gyógyszálló


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