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Szombathelyi Tófürdő

9700- Szombathely
Kenderesi u. 2.


You may refresh your self in a nice town if you visit Szombathely. The so-known Lake Baths (Tófürd?) is situated in a nice green area of the town. In the neighborhood of the spa there is a lake where you can go around by boat, and a camping. Inside the complex there are four open-air pools and some water slides. There is also a restaurant inside the spa wherefrom you can get some great views of the fountains.


The town was already inhabited during the Roman Ages. Its former name was Savaria. It was the center of the province. Savari was the birthplace of St Martin, the latter bishop of tours, who is one of the most popular saints of Western Europe. In the 5C Savaria became destroyed by an earthquake. According to a legend the inhabitants of Savaria migrated to Italy after the earthquake and they became the first settlers and the founders of Venice.

In early middle ages this land was the property of the bishops of Gy?r. During Turkish times the importance of Szombathely grew. It became the administrative center of the shire. During the war of independence lead by Ferenc Rákóczi the town was attacked and became was destroyed. Due to this Szombathely had to bee totally rebuilt during the 18C. It was like a second foundation of the town. In the 19C the town developed quickly. The railway and the tramway were laid down, the theatre was built, and the inhabitants became real citizens. In the 20C after the Second World War and Trianon, Szombathely became borderland and had lost its important commercial connections to the west. Due to this fact the importance of Szombathely decline, and it couldn’t really develop until the democratically changes in Hungary. Nowadays it is a dynamically developing town, one of the most important cultural and commercial centers of this land.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town to see some imposing buildings and interesting exhibitions.

If you are interested in the history and the ruins of Roman Ages you should visit the Garden of Ancient Ruins in Szombathely. You can see here the ruins of the old palace of the emperors, the old baths, the houses of the potteries and many other interesting parts of Savaria. Besides this take a walk to the Bishop’s Palace where you can see Sala Terrana, to see ruins and displays from the early Middle Ages and to the Savaria Mueum.

If you like sacred places, you should visit the parish church, which is the third largest in Hungary. Than visit the former church and monastery of the Dominican order, the imposing building complex of the bishop’s palace and the library.

If you like to know more about how and where rich noble people lived before you should visit the Gothard palace, which is part of the Lóránd Eötvös University, the Szegedy castle built in classicist style and Schmidt Museum to see displays about the life of the rich citizens of Szombathely. Those who like to see displays about folk culture should see the displays of Vasi Museum.

If you are interested in fine arts visit the Town Gallery to see its interesting displays. Most of the works are from the 20C, but the museum also has some nice peaces from the 17-19 centuries.

It is also worth to get lost a little in the town because you’ll finde an imposing building or a nice statue only on every corner, like the old secondary school, or the Town Hall.

Besides these Szombathely has a lively cultural life with temporary exhibitions, festivals and other kinds of performances, so you should try to get information about these before traveling!

The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties and has some interesting sights as well, like the old church of Ják, the ruins of a church from the early middle ages in Csempeszkopács or Csönge, where one of the most famous Hungarian poets was born, Sándor Weöres.

Szombathelyi Tófürdő


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