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ThermalToursENG - Tamási Termálfürdő - Tamási
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Tamási Termálfürdő

7090- Tamási
Hársfa utca 3.


You may refresh your self in a nice, peaceful place if you visit the spa of Tamási. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of orthopedic sickness or backbone problems. Inside the complex there are different kinds of pools which include thermal pools, swimming pools, large pools and also small pools for the children. Besides these there are some sport grounds around the pools and different kinds of treatments are also available like massages or sauna.


According to the finds that archeologists found here, this place has been inhabited since the Bronze Ages. Near Miklósvár they found finds from the Roman Ages. Miklósvár, this hunter castle was built from the stones of the former fort built in the 13C.

During the centuries many nations lived and settled here. Most of its inhabitants were working in agriculture. In the 20C Tamási became famous for its spa and the medicinal water.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in and around Tamási. This land is rich in natural beauties and cultural monuments.

Nearby Tamási is a great natural reserve park – Gyulaji forest (erd?) - where you can take a peaceful walk. If you like to see birds, you should choose the other nature reserve park by the side of Lakes of Pacsmag (Pacsmagi tavak). Specialists can help you to watch birds living by the side of the lakes.

If you like horses you should travel here during the Days of the Horses which are usually arranged near the national celebrations in the 20th of August.

The most imposing building in Tamási is the former Esterházy castle which is nowadays a private apartment. Most of the churches of Tamási and also the small chapel on the Way of the Cross were built in baroque style.

If you like fine arts you should visit the Gallery of Tamási where you can see some interesting displays even from the works of Vasarely, Dali or Renoir. These works were gifts László Könny?’s family.

Tamási Termálfürdő


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