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Tata - Fényes Fürdő

2890- Tata
Fényes Fürdő


You may refresh your self in a romantic town if you visit Tata. The spa is situated 3 km far from the center of the town. The surround of the spa is a nature reserve park, where you can take peaceful walk and see the lake and the marshy land which is rich in natural beauties.


The Fényes Baths was rebuilt in recent years and it is a spa of high standards nowadays with saunas and some sport grounds.


According to the finds that archeologists found here this land was inhabited since the stone ages. During the early middle ages there were four temples in Tata. The fortress was built during the reigning of Lewis the Great. During the rule of King Mathias Tata flourished. It became the holiday castle of the kings. After the war of independence lead by Ferenc Rákóczi the fortress was burnt down by the Hapsburgs. In the 19C it became the property of the Esterházy family. József Eszterházy reconstructed the town. This was the time when the center of the town got its baroque style. They started the regulation of the springs and the lake, built the first water-mills etc. Soon Tata became an important commercial, agricultural and cultural center.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town to see the castle and some interesting museum in Tata.

The main attraction is of course the castle. It was founded in the 13C, and was built in gothic style. After, it was rebuilt time after time, so you’ll see some parts in baroque, renaissance and romantic styles as well. In 1959 it became a museum, where you can see interesting displays about the history of the town and the fortress.

After, you should walk to the former castle of the Esterházy family. This imposing building was built in the 19C in baroque style. Nowadays it is under reconstructions, but worth to see anyway from the outside.

Some people say Tata is the town of the mills. You can see some old water-mills around the lake and near the center of the town. Some of these are still working.

In the center of the town don’t miss to visit the famous clock tower. It is part of the Capuchin monastery nearby. After, take a walk to the Piarist monastery as well.

Visiting the synagogue will bee a great experience! You can see displays about the copies of Greek and Roman statues inside the synagogue.

If you are interested in folk culture you should visit the German Folk Museum. On the Way of the Cross you can see an interesting outdoor exhibition about geology.

Besides these the surrounding land is rich in natural beauties, you can take a peaceful walk by the side of the lake and take part on different kinds of performances during the season.

Tata - Fényes Fürdő


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