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Tiszacsegei Gyógyfürdő

4066- Tiszacsege
Fürdõ utca 6.



You may refresh your self in a nice place if you visit the spa of Tiszacsege. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic thus it is mostly recommended for those who have rheumatism or some kind of motor disease. Inside the complex there are different kinds of pools which includes thermal pools, swimming pool and small pool for the children. It is also possible to hire a boat and row around the small lake in the park of the spa.


The second half of the name of Tiszacsege (-csege) sounds like the Hungarian word “kecsege”, which means “sterlet”, thus most of the people Tiszacsege got its name of this fish. On the old seal of the settlement which dates back to the 17C you can see a starlet, so it might bee possible that the name really originates from a name of this fish.

The first source which mentioned the name of Tiszacsege dates back to the 13C. It was an important cross way on river Tisza. Most of its inhabitants lived from agriculture. In the 20C one found the medicinal water and soon the first bathing facilities were built. Since than this place became a popular holiday center.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Tiszacsege to see its natural beauties, cultural and historical monuments.

There are some great places for angling around Tiszacsege, a perfect way to take a rest after traveling around the country. Don’t miss to see the so known Kácsa Island (Kácsa-sziget) which is like a nature reserve park, where you can see how this land looked like before the regulation of river ways in the 19C.

The most imposing building in Tiszacsege is the former castle of the Váy family. It was built in the 18C and the family used it as hunter castle. If you like to know more about how the villagers lived here before, there are also some interesting folk museums in Tiszacsege, old houses with old furniture and craft works.

The Calvinist church was built in the 15C. You can still see the old walls of stone in the temple though the church was rebuilt in the 19C in baroque style.



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