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Tiszaföldvár Gyógyfürdő

5430- Tiszaföldvár
Strand út 19.


You may refresh your self in a well-kept spa if you visit Tiszaföldvár. Bathing here is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease or bony structure problems. There are four pools inside the complex.


The second part of the name of Tiszaföldvár (“földvár”) means “earthwork”, so it seams like there was an earthwork during the early Middle Ages. The first source which mentioned the name of the settlement dates back to the 15C. Until the 18C this land became deserted time after time. Than new settlers came here, from the neighboring settlements. The only common thing between them was that they were all Calvinists in religion. During the 19C some develops were made and the inhabitants of Tiszaföldvár slowly became real citizens. The world wars destroyed Tiszaföldvár, life got hard again. Since the democratically changes tourism is getting more and more important here due to the spa.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Tiszaföldvár.

There are three temples in the town, a catholic church, a Calvinist church and an evangelical church. The nice mansion known as Göth mansion is a great example about how and where rich citizens lived in Tiszaföldvár during the 18C.

If you like to know more about the folk culture, the history and geography of this land you should visit the Geographical Museum of Tiszaug.



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