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Békéscsaba - Árpád Fürdő

5600- Békéscsaba
Árpád sor 3.


A dynamically developing town and a spa which has a long history are waiting for you, if you visit Árpád Fürd?, the spa of Békéscsba.

The spa operates since 1922, but few years ago it has been restored. The healing water here contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic. Thus the spa is recommended for those who have motor disorders, or rheumatism.

Inside, there is one “Turkish bath”, and there are also sitting-baths for those who like lounging around in the thermal water. For the ones who like to do sports, there is a swimming-pool. And finally there is a great adventure-pool, with water-slides and some great designs.

Besides these, different kinds of treatments are available, like massages, sauna, solarium, etc.


Archeologists found here finds from the late Bronze Ages. After that time, this land was almost always inhabited.

Although the name of the town Csaba was a name used by the Hungarian conquerors in the 10C, the first source witch mentioned the name of Békéscsaba dates back to the late 14C. Even in the 16C it was a small village, with few houses. When the Turks invaded Hungary, it became deserted land. After the victory on the Turks in the 18C this land became Habsburg property. They gave the privilege of free exercise of one’s religion. Therefore a lot of protestant settler came to live here from Northern Hungary. By the end of the century, Csaba became the largest settlement of this land. Elek Fényes mentioned it in his geographical work as the “largest village of Europe” in the 19C. Later the village became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. In the 19C the town started developing. Food-industry, textile-industry were very important, and when the railway was laid down the town also became an important trade center.

Békéscsaba became officially town at the beginning of the 20C. After Trianon it also became a centre of public administration, and in 1950 a county town. After this more industrial develops were made. Nowadays it is still an important cultural, industrial and trade centre of this land.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, lots of interesting programs are waiting for you in the town. You can visit exhibitions, go to cinema, or just walk around the town.

If you are interested in arts, don’t miss to visit the new Mihály Munkácsy Memorial House. He was one of the most famous and talented Hungarian painter in the 19C. This is an attractively restored, neo-Classical villa where Munkácsy spent his early years with his aunt. After, visit the Mihály Munkácsy Museum, where you can see some of his works and displays about his life.

If you are interested in folk culture and art, you should visit the Slovak Peasant House, the Grange Museum (Csabai Tanya) and its agricultural exhibition. Both are old peasants’ houses with original furniture inside from the 19C. You can see some interesting exhibits about folk art in the Folk Memorial House.

If you enjoy walking around the town, you may see some great churches and buildings. For example you should walk to see the Stephan Mill or see the Town Hall which was built in Eclectic style in the 19C. On the east side of the main road stands the Great Church and the Lutheran Grammar School next to the church. It is one of Hungary’s largest Lutheran church buildings. Across the road stands the first Small Church of the Lutheran community in Békéscsaba, which dates from 1745. If you are interested in modern architecture, don’t miss to visit the small Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, which was built in 1992-93 of the site of a former church destroyed in 1944 by bombing.

You can take a pleasant walk in the Statue Park by the side of the canal, where you will see statues of famous inhabitants of the town.

Before traveling try to get to know about programs and festivals in Békéscsaba during your stay in the town. There are some great opportunities of amusement between them!

If you have the time, don’t miss to discover the surrounding land, by the side of K?rös River. Its nature is worth the tour!



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