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Tótkomlós - Rózsa Fürdő

5940- Tótkomlós
Kossuth utca 2.


You may refresh your self in a peaceful town known as the capital of Slovakian folk museums if you visit Tótkomlós. The Rose Baths’ water contains sodium-hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease or rheumatism. Inside the complex there are thermal pools, swimming pools and one small pool for the children. Besides these, different kinds of treatments are also available like massages, sauna, a fitness room, aroma therapy etc.


The name of the settlement came from a name of a plant and the folk name of Slovakian people (Tót). It was already inhabited during the early Middle Ages. According to the sources from the 15C it was the property of János Hunyadi, a great Hungarian general and the father of King Mathias. After it had became the property of King Mathias, who gave it to János Corvin. During Turkish times it became almost deserted. The new settlers were mostly Slovakian people. After the Second World War lot of Slovakian people migrated to Slovakia and Hungarian people came here according to the Hungarian-Slovakian people exchange after the war. But still the Slovakian inhabitants froster their culture in Tótkomlós. It got the title of the town in 1993.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town. You should take a walk to the old chapel from the Middle Ages. After visit the Protestant Church which was built in the 18C

In recent years they a new Fontana and a statue was inaugurate in memories of King Saint Stephan. You can see this on the Heroes Square.

If you like to know more about Slovakian folk culture or about the traditions of this land you can visit some great museums in Tótkomlós, like the Slovakian Folk House, or the Farm Museum.

Besides these there are also some great festivals in town, you should get some information about these before traveling!

Tótkomlós - Rózsa Fürdő


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