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Túrkevei Gyógy- és Élményfürdő

5420- Túrkeve
Kuthen király út 11.



You may refresh your self in a pleasant place if you visit the spa of Túrkeve. The water contains alkali-hydrogen carbonic, iodide and sulfide thus it id recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease. Inside the complex there there is an open air and an indoor section. Outside there are one thermal pool, one swimming pool and one small pool for the children. Inside there are different kinds of thermal pools. Besides the pools different kinds of treatments are also available, like massages or underwater gymnastics. There is also a fitness room and some sport grounds.


The name of this settlement has two parts. “Túr” was the former name of River Berettyó. Keve was a name, which used to mean “stone”.

The former name of this settlement was “Keveegyháza”. The first source which mentioned this name dates back to the 13C. In this document the king gave this land together with some other villages to the bishop of Eger. It developed slowly and became an oppidium – which means a small town with some privileges - only by the end of the 19C. People lived and still live from agriculture. In recent years tourism is getting more and more important.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Túrkeve, because there are some interesting things to see here.

If you like sacred places take a walk to the Calvinist church to see its interesting fire alarm balcony made of iron or to the Catholic Church which was built in the 19C.

There are some great museums about folk culture and traditional agriculture in Túrkeve. You can see displays about shepherds in Hungary, or a traditional house with old furniture.

There is a nature reserve park near Túrkeve, a beautiful, untouchable and romantic place to take a peaceful walk. If you like angling, you should go to River Berettyó, or to the nearby fishpond.

Besides these there are some interesting festivals in Túrkeve. The most interesting is the Clip Festival every year. You should get some information about this before traveling!

Túrkevei Gyógy- és Élményfürdő


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