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Vajta - Hévízfürdő

7041- Vajta



You may refresh your self in a peaceful, pleasant place if you visit the spa of Vajta. The water of this spa is similar to the medicinal water of Hajdúszoboszló. You may also use it as drinking cure. Inside the complex there is are one thermal pool, one large pool and one swimming pool for those who like to swim and one small pool for the children.


The history of Vajta is long and was always very vicissitudinary. It became deserted time after time. According to the finds that archeologists found here, there was a settlement here during the Raman Ages and during the times of Avars as well.

The first source which mentions the name of Vajta dates back to the 14C. During Turkish times it became deserted and after the expulsion of the Turkish troops it became the property of the Zichy family. The new settlers were German, Slovakian and Hungarian people. Most of them were working in agriculture.

Place of interest

You should take a walk in Vajta after refreshing your self in the spa. The most imposing building in Vajta is the former castle of the Zichy family by the side of the road Nr20.

If you like excursions, you should take a walk in the surrounding hills which are rich in natural beauties.

This is a peaceful place mostly recommended for those who like to take a deep rest after traveling around the country.

Vajta - Hévízfürdő


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