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ThermalToursENG - Atlantika Vizi Vidámpark - Vásárosnamény
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Atlantika Vizi Vidámpark

4803- Vásárosnamény
Gulácsi út 56.


You may refresh your self in a peaceful place by the side of River Tisza if you visit Vásárosnamény. The water of the spa contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, sodium-chloride and iodide thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease or joint problems, are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation.

Inside the complex there are different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools which include an aqua park, thermal pools, swimming pool and small pools for the children. Besides these there is a Seal Show in the spa and you may also use the pools at nighttime.


The first source which mentioned the name of Vásárosnamény dates back to the 13C. It was an important river cross-way from the beginning. In the 14C it became the property of the Lónyai family. In the 15C it was already an oppidium, which means it was a small town with some privileges like to hold a market. There was also a fortress in Vásárosnamény but it was destroyed by the Turkish and Tatar troops during the 16-17C. Due to these attacks the fortress disappeared by the end of the 19C. In the 19C it became an important center of shipping, and as a cross-road, after the bridge was built. After Trianon Vásárosnamény became the cultural, commercial, tourist and traffic center of this land.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Vásárosnamény because there are some imposing buildings, interesting sights in the town.

The old church was rebuilt in the 18C in baroque style. The most interesting part of the temple is the organ-loft made of wood. The Calvinist church was built in the 15C in gothic style. After, it was rebuilt in the 18C, but you may still see some parts in gothic style on the building, like the window-board.

The so-known Tomcsényi castle (named after its last owner) is a school nowadays. It was built in the 17C by the Lónyai family.

If you like to see where rich noble men lived before, take a walk to the old mansions in the center of Vásárosnamény. One of these buildings is today the Museum of Bereg with some interesting exhibitions about local history and folk culture, the other one is the School Museum. There is also one mansion with traditional furniture, where you can see how noblemen lived before in the 19C.

Besides these you can take peaceful walks by the side of the river. The bars, restaurants and other places of amusements near the beach are great places to spend some time after traveling around the country.

Atlantika Vizi Vidámpark


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