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Visegrád-Lepence Termál és Strandfürdő

2025- Visegrád


You may refresh your self in an enchanting milieu in the picturesque Danube Bend if you visit the spa of Visegrád-Lepence. The spa is situated by the hill-side, thus you can get some great views of the Danube Bend while lounging around the thermal pools.


The water contains calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonic. It has a great healing power against inflammation problems. Besides the thermal baths there is a swimming pool and a small pool for the children.


Lepence is a part of Visegrád, so its history is strongly connected to the history of the castle. During Roman Times there were great fortresses here, protecting the important road to Esztergom. The castle was built here in the 13C after the Tatars invaded Hungary. During the 14-15C Visegrád flourished. King Charles Robert (ruled 1307-42) set up his royal household here, and commenced the construction of the Royal Palace. Thus the castle became one of the greatest Gothic monuments of Hungary. After, the royal curt moved to Buda, but constructions continued. Even King Mathias made some reconstructions in the 16C in Renaissance style.

During Turkish times and after, when German settlers came here and built their new houses from the stones of the former palace, this place has lost its importance and shine. Finally it was destroyed by Lipot I in the 18C.

Visegrád had to wait more than one hundred years to bee discovered again. In the 19C some settlers came to the town, and in the 20C people started to visit the place by taking excursions around the hills and the Danube Bend. Nowadays it is an important tourist sight.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should visit the ruins of the former Royal Palace, the Solomon’ Tower, which stands to the south of the ruins and is a museum now devoted to the history of Visegrád, or the reconstructed Citdel at the top of the hill, where you can see further historical exhibitions.

There are also some ruins of the Roman fortresses south of the ruins of the palace. If you have the time, and you like to take excursions, it is worth it to explore the surrounding hills.



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