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Aquacity Zalaegerszeg

9800- Zalaegerszeg



You may refresh your self in a spa of high standard only a few kilometers away from Zalaegerszeg if you visit the Aqua City. This spa is situated near Lake Gébarti. This spa is mostly recommended for those who enjoy the aqua parks with water slides and different kinds of designs and pools. There are also some sport ground around like a minigolf ground.


This land was inhabited since the stone ages. It was because it has some great geographically conditions, with the rivers, lakes, forests, marshes. Men could find here shelter and food.

The first source which mentioned the name of Zalaegerszeg dates back to the 13C. It was land of the bishop. In the 15C it became an oppidium which means a small town with some privileges. During Turkish times it was an important fortress and was attacked time after time but the Turkish troops could capture it only once for a short time. After the wars the importance of the fortress decline. It became important again only in the 18C when it was a governing center of the district. Due to this the town developed very quickly. It got the title of a town in 1885. The 20C was the time of modernization. Nowadays tourism is getting more and more important in Zalaegerszeg.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town.

All the temples in town were built in the 18C or were rebuilt during the century. Due to this all the temples were built in baroque or classicist style, but you can still see some parts from former ages and styles, like for example the windows of the old catholic church from the 13C. The Franciscan monastery was built in neo-baroque style. The evangelic church is a neo-gothic building from the beginning of the 20C. You should also visit the synagogue built in eclectic style.

If you are interested in folk culture and traditions there are some interesting exhibitions to see in Zalaegerszeg, like the Village Museum of Göcsej, the Pottery House.

In the Museum of Göcsej you may see interesting displays about local history and arts.

If you are interested in industrial themes, you should visit the museum of prospecting for oil. The museum was opened in Zalaegerszeg because this town was the cradle of prospecting for oil in Hungary.

Besides these Zalaegerszeg has a lively cultural life with festivals and other kinds of performances. Try to get information about these before traveling! The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties. You can take a peaceful walk in the nearby Arboretum of Csács, or take an excursion in the surrounding hills and valleys.

Aquacity Zalaegerszeg


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