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ThermalToursENG - Pestszenterzsébeti Jódos-Sós Gyógy-és Strandfürdő - Budapest
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Pestszenterzsébeti Jódos-Sós Gyógy-és Strandfürdő

1203- Budapest
Vízisport út 2.



Pesterzsébet Baths is situated by the side of River Danube. The water contains iodide and bromide. This combination is unique in Budapest, this is the only spa which has water containing bromide and iodide. The complex has outdoor pools, but it also has one part open during wintertime.


Archeologists found here finds from the Stone Ages. It seems like this land was inhabited since this early period of time. There are no interesting remains from the Roman Ages because it was an outlying land. In the early middle ages there were a few small villages here. The first source which mentioned the name of one of this villages dates back to the 11C. Most of its inhabitants were craftsmen like potters or bakers.

Place of interest

This district of Budapest is not really rich in historically monuments and interesting sights, but has a special atmosphere. If you have the time it is worth to take a walk around the complex.

The old center was demolished and reconstructed. One of the most imposing old buildings that still remain is the market-hall. If you like to know more about the history of the outlying districts of Budapest, there is an interesting exhibition in Pesterzsébet.

The Town Hall was built at the beginning of the 20C, and was reconstructed after the Second World War.

If you are interested in sacred places you should take a walk to the Virgin Mary chapel, which was built in the 18C or to the catholic church which was built in gothic style.

One of the most interesting buildings in this district is the Lóránd Eötvös Machine Industry Secondary School. It was built between 1889 and 1929 in Székely-Hungarian style.

If you are interested in fine arts, you should visit the Imre Gaál Gallery or take a walk to Endre Ady Street where you can see displays and statues of the works of the artists of this district.



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