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Bogácsi Thermálfürdő

1027- Bogács
Fő u. 84.



You may spend some pleasant days in a village which is situated in a beautiful surround on the southern part of Borsod shire. Like in the case of many other spa of Hungary, the thermal spring which feeds the spa of Bogács was also found while boring for hydrocarbon. The water has sulphur ion content and is recommended for those who have rheumatism, some joint or motor disease, but it is also good against some kind of stomach, bile or liver problems and disease.


Nowadays there are five open-air thermal pools, one swimming pool and one small pool for the children. Around the pools there are different kinds of places for accommodation and also restaurants, which make you feel more comfortable. There is also a new building complex, which was built in 2000. In the so known Szolgáltatóház there are different kinds of treatments available. There is one therapeutic and one wellness centre inside the building


According to the archeological researches around Bogács, this land was inhabited since the Stone Ages. The first Hungarian source which mentions the name of the town dates back to the 13C. Its name origin was probably an old Slav word. “Bogatu” used to mean “Rich”. Thus the inhabitants of this village might have lived between good circumstances before.

When the Turks invaded Hungary in the 16C, Bogács became almost totally deserted. After, from the 18C it developed slowly. When the first bathing facilities were built in the 20C the life here has changed, and Bogács became a popular holiday resort near Eger.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Bogács and its surround because there are some interesting sights around.

For example, you should visit the Old Catholic church which was built in the 13C and renovated in the 14C.

There is a line of wine cellars by the nearby hillside. These old cellars, hollowed into tuff, are not only an interesting sight; you should also taste the wine here!

If you like natural beauties, you should take a walk to Chaise Valley (Hintóvölgy). Here you will see the so known Beehive Stones (Kaptárkövek). It is still not sure that it was “home” for bees or sepulchral urns. After visit the outdoor Butterfly Exhibition, where you can see some beautiful peaces of this colorful animal.

Besides these, in the main season there are some small performances and festivals in Bogács. If you have the time and possibility, you should also visit the surrounding villages. For example in Noszvaj, only 5km far from Bogács you can see the most curious wall paintings in Hungary in the Roccoco De La Mott Mansion. Anton de la Motte was a Frenchman, a colonel of the Emperor. The illusionist paintings covering the walls are the works of György Szikora, Antal Lieb and J.L. Kracker.

And of course, Bogács is only 10km far from Mez?kövesd, where you can find further bathing facilities, and also not far from Eger.

Bogácsi Thermálfürdő


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