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ThermalToursENG - Sárvári Gyógyfürdő - Sárvár
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Sárvári Gyógyfürdő

9600- Sárvár
Vadkert utca 1.


You may refresh your self in a comfortable spa near some imposing historical monuments if you visit the spa of Sárvár. Inside the complex there are different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools, like thermal pools, small pools for the children, an aqua park with some great designs, one pool for underwater gymnastics etc.

The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is recommended after some kind of sport accidents, for those who have joint problems or some kind of motor disease, who suffer of rheumatism or have muscular pain. Besides the thermal pools and the medicinal water different kinds of treatment are also available.


During Roman Ages the name of Sárvár was Bassiana. It was inhabited after as well, and when the Hungarian conquerors had come it became an important fort to protect Hungary from the German troops. The owner of this land was the king until the end of the 13C. After it became the property of great Hungarian noble families like K?szegi and Kanizsai family. When the Turks invaded Hungary the Turkish troops attacked the fort, but its defenders could protect it. In the 16C it became the property of Tamás Nádasdy a great Hungarian nobleman, who made Sárvár a cultural center of humanism. He founded a printing office and a school. He invited János Sylvester - one of the greatest humanists of his age - to bee the leader of the new school. One printed the first book in Hungarian language in Sárvár.

During the 18C it became the property of the Drasskovich family and Sárvár started to decline. The town started to develop again only in the 19C after the railway was laid down and one started to use electricity. Sugar works and some textile factories were built. New schools were built and soon Sárvár became an important industrial and cultural center again.

During the 20C its importance in industrial life decline, but was still an important cultural center. Nowadays tourism is getting more and more important.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town.

The main attraction is the former castle of the Nádasdy family. You will see interesting displays about the history of the town and the castle, the cultural history of Sárvár – like about the printing officer or the history of humanism in Hungary – and also about handicrafts.

After visiting the castle, try to get lost a little in the center of the town to see the imposing building of Hotel Danubius, the old cowsheds which still remain or the temples in the town. The narrow streets and old citizen houses have a special atmosphere which definitely worth the tour!

Sárvári Gyógyfürdő


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