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This spa became one of the most popular ones of high standards in the second half of the 20C. It is a peaceful place, where you can take a rest after traveling around the country.


One found the thermal springs here while boring for hydro-carbon in the 50s. First only the inhabitants used the thermal water, which was conducted to the River Rpce. They had to wait about ten years until the first simple bathing facilities were built.


In 1965 the water became officially healing water. It contains hydrogen-carbonic, calcium and magnesium, thus it is recommended for those who have joint problems or some kind of motor disease. You may also use it as drinking cure, which is good against some stomach problems or indigestion.


In 2001-2003 the spa was rebuilt. It is situated in a large park, with some sport grounds around. Nowadays there are 26 different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools in the complex, which includes a great aqua-park. There are also different kinds of treatments available, like massages, mud-pack, electro-therapy, inhalation etc. If you decide to stay longer time, you may pay in for some of the spa’s packages which include different kinds of treatments.


Since Bkfrd? is only a few kilometer away from Sopron, its history was always in close connection with the history of the town.

The first source which mentioned its name dates back to the 13C. According to this, the inhabitants of Bkkszk were castle-serf of the castle of Sopron. The settlement here became slowly the property of those castle-serfs, who got the privileges of the nobles for their service. These people became members of the lower nobility, but soon some of them rose above the others, like the Fels?bki Nagy family. They for example became the owner of great lands in western Hungary, and plaid an important role in the political life not of Sopron and its surround, but also the whole country.

In the 19C after some develops and that the railway was laid down, more and more people settled here. The three settlements around Sopron were united into one at the beginning of the 20C. From this time the name of the settlement was Bkfrd?. Nowadays it is an important tourist and healing centre near Sopron.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, there are some great programs and sights around.

First you should visit the Szapry castle, which was built in the 17C. After take a walk to the old Catholic church from the 13C and the Evangelic church from the 18C

If you would like to do some sports, there is a great Golf Club in Bkkszk, or good places for angling by the side of River Rpce. It is also worth to take some excursions around, explore the surrounding land and villages for example around Lake Fert?.

Besides these, there are some small performances mostly in the main season, performed by some of the art groups of Bkfrd?.

If this place is too quite for you, and you would like to visit a nice town, with a lively cultural life after refreshing your self, you should go to Sopron, where some interesting sights and programs are waiting for you!

Bk - Bkkfrd
Bk - Bkfrd


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