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Bükkszéki Gyógyfürdő

3335- Bükkszék
Fürdõ út 10.


The mineral water known as Salvus is quite famous all around Hungary. It is used as drinking cure for those who have gastritis or various respiratory problems. The origin of this great mineral water is Bükkszék, a small settlement by the Mátra and the Bükk Hills. The water is not only useful as drinking cure; it is also healthy to take a bath in this famous thermal water. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, bromide, iodide and chloride, thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease. It is also good for strengthen your health’s immunity. And if you use it in sauna, it is good against some respiratory sicknesses and even refreshes your skin.


Inside the spa, there are two thermal baths and one swimming pool. Near the spa there is a camping, and some sport grounds.


The first source which mentions the name of Bükkszék dates back to the 13C. During its long history it became deserted time after time, but from the 18C, it has been inhabited up to the present. In the 17-18C horse shoeing and blacksmith were important in Bükkszék according to its signet from this time. Traditionally the inhabitants of this land lived from land cultivating, but since the first bathing facilities were built, and the mineral water became famous all around the country, more and more people work in tourism and trade

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Bükkszék, because there are some interesting sights around.

If you would like to know more about the life of the former peasants of the village, visit the Folk Museum. It has two rooms, one has displays of local folk craftsmen’s works, and the other one is a traditionally furnitured room of the 18C. There are also some old houses built in plaóc style, which still remain.

It is also worth to visit the old Catholic Church which was founded in the 12C. During its long history it was rebuilt time after time, but if you look carefully, you will see, that every age has left its mark on the church. Thus you can see some parts in the style of the early middle ages, than gothic, baroque and also classicist style.

If you have the time and the possibility, it is worth to explore the surrounding hills and villages. For example in Sirok, you can see the remains of a 14C castle, from where you can get some good views of the surrounding hills. In Várasszó, you can see a small church from the 13C, which was restored as original in the 18C. If you like excursions, the highest point of Hungary, Kékestet? is also not so far away. Nearby is Parád, where you will find some further bathing facilities.

Bükkszéki Gyógyfürdő


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