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Buzsák - Csisztafürdő

8695- Buzsák


If you decide to visit the spa of Buzsák, near Lake Balaton, you may reach this place by a small and romantic train from Balatonboglár


One found the thermal springs here while boring for hydro-carbon. The water contains hydro-carbon, sulphur and carbonic acid, thus it is recommended for those who suffer from rheumatism or some kind of motor disease. As drinking cure it is good against some kinds of stomach problems.

Inside the complex there are some restaurants and besides bathing different kinds of natural healing treatments are also available.


The settlement hasn’t got a long history. In the 15C some Illyrian, Croatian and Dalmatian settlers came here. The living together of these three nations made Buzsák a special ethnographical island of this land. The first source which mentioned the name of the village also dates back to this century. The village developed continuously. Nowadays the importance of tourism grows; its main attractions are the spa and the handicrafts made by its inhabitants.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Buzsák. This place will bee interesting for those, who like folk art and culture. The local folk embroidery and wood-carving are both famous. You can see these works all around the street which leads to the spa, and also on F? tér. If there is a good weather you may also see some local women working, because than they usually sit outside their garden. There is also a Folk Museum, where you can see more about the culture of Buzsák, and don’t miss to enter the Catholic Church, where you can see some great handicrafts such as the embroidery on the chasuble or the wood-carved altar.

If you would like to taste some good wines, there is an old line of thatched wine cellars by the side of János Hill.

Besides these sometimes you may also see folk performances. You should ask before traveling about the actual programs!

If you have the time and possibility, it is worth to explore the surrounding villages and land. For example you should visit the nearby Somogyvár, where you can see a so-called Historical Memorial Site. In 1091 King László established a Benedictine monastery here. Its remains can bee visited here. Excavation of the area and partial reconstructions of the building were completed in 1990.

Another interesting place is Somogyvámos. Here you can visit Krishna Valley, a small village inside an old village established by Hungarian Krishna devotees. This is a place where they try to show how people live in Vedic culture. There is a nice temple here and all visitors are welcomed.



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