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ThermalToursENG - Strand és uszoda - Vác
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Strand és uszoda

2600- Vác
Ady Endre sétány 11.


You may refresh your self in a nice baroque town if you visit Vác. The water contains calcium, hydrogen-carbonic, magnesium and chloride thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of joint problems. There is also an indoor swimming pool and open-air pools which are also worth to visit.


Vác is one of the oldest Hungarian towns. Archeologists found here finds from the Bronze Ages, and also from Avar and Celtic cultures.

Vác was an important ecclesiastical center. The bishopric was founded by Stephan I. in the 11C. This fact controlled the town’s life from the beginning. Vác was attacked by foreign troops time after time. First the Tatar troops came and destroyed the town. Its inhabitants migrated from here. The new settlers of Vác were mostly Germans. They built their houses and their own church in the center of the town. During the 14-15C the town flourished. It was due to Miklós Báthori, one of the bishops of Vác, who made his residence a great renaissance cultural center. The end of these flourishing years was the attack of the Turkish troops. The town was part of the Ottoman Empire until the 17C. Most of its inhabitants migrated from this land, the surrounding land were left fallow. Vác was rebuilt during the 18C, it was the time when the center got its present baroque shape. The new settlers were mixture of different kinds of nations – Czech, Slovakians, Serbians, French, Italians, Hungarian, and Croatians etc. During the 19C the town industrially developed. New factories were opened, more and more people migrated here in hope to work in the town. In the 20C during the communist era the importance of Vác decline because of being an ecclesiastical center. After the democratically changes in Hungary the town started to develop again.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town to see some imposing buildings, interesting exhibitions and a beautiful baroque town.

Since Vác was an ecclesiastical center, this town is rich in sacred monuments and has some interesting exhibitions about ecclesiastical history. First take a walk to the cathedral, the Franciscan monastery and the Piarist monastery. These imposing buildings were built in the 18C in baroque style. If you are interested in museums as well, you should visit the Memento Mori Museum where you can see displays about the relics of the Dominican monks. In the palace of the grand provost you can see interesting exhibitions about the diocese of Avác. The old Greek orthodox church is also the home of some interesting ecclesiastical displays.

You should take a walk to see the triumph arch near the Danube, which was built in the 18C and is a unique in Hungary.

The only bridge in baroque style stands by the side of Stream Gombás in Vác.

If you are interested in history you should visit the local history museum. Besides these there are interesting temporary exhibitions in Vác, you should get information about these before traveling.

Those who like to take excursions will find some great options in the surrounding mountains. This land is rich in natural beauties and some beautiful sights of the surrounding hills and the river.



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