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Celldömölk - Vulkánfürdõ

9500- Celldömölk



You may spend some nice days in a small town and its beautiful surroundings if you decide to visit the spa of Celldömölk. The complex was rebuilt in recent years. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic and fluoride. Inside the complex there are thermal pools and also small pool for the children.


Until the 20C there were five settlements here – Pórdömölk, Nemesdömölk, Kiscell, Alsósága and Izsákfa. Then these were united into one, and since that day, its name is Celldömölk.

The center of these settlements was Pórdömölk. In the 12C a monastery was built here. The abbacy was the owner of the surrounding land. During the centuries, this abbacy has lost from its importance. The new ecclesiastical centre was built up in Kiscell. This began with a miracle. Otto Koptik abbot brought a statue of Virgin Mary from Mariacell to Dömölk. It was said that a dead well-maker recovered by the help of this statue. After, lots of people came here to see the miracle statue of Virgin Mary.

Nemesdömölk became a separated village in the 15C. It became famous in the 17C because it was one of those few Hungarian settlements which allowed its inhabitants the free exercise of their religion

Alsósága was famous for its wine. To the south of this village was the fifth settlement, Izsákfalva. Its inhabitants were mostly land laborers.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Celldömölk and to see its historical and cultural monuments.

The ruins of the monastery of Pórdömölk still remain. The tower and the Gothic altar were renovated in recent years. You should also visit the later Benedictine monastery. There are some nice pieces of ecclesiastical art inside.

Celldömölk is situated by the footsteps of Ság Hill. If you would like to know more about it, you should take an excursion to the hill, where you can see an open-air zoological and geological exhibition. You may also get some great views from the top of the hill.



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