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ThermalToursENG - Csokonyavisonta Termál és Strandfürdő - Csokonyavisonta
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Csokonyavisonta Termál és Strandfürdő

7555- Csokonyavisonta
Alkotás tér 1.



You may spend some peaceful days in a picturesque place if you visit the spa of Csokonyavisonta. One found the thermal springs here while boring for hydro-carbon in the 40s. Soon the first bathing facilities were built. Nowadays there are indoor-, and outdoor thermal baths, an aqua park one swimming pool for those who like to do sports and a small pool for the children. The thermal water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic and iodide thus it is recommended for those who have rheumatism, backbone problems or some kind of joint problems. Besides bathing there are different kinds of treatments available.


Csokonyavisonta was united only in 1940. Before, there were two separate villages here, Erd?csokonya and Somogyvisonta.

Between the owners of this land one may found famous Hungarian noble families like Csák, Báthory, Szécsenyi. The last were the most important in the history of the villages. This place became the dominium centre of the family in the 19C. After they established a great stud-farm here, which became famous all around the country, and made some changes in agriculture such as they started to concern for grape cultivating and fish-breeding, this land’s economical importance grew a lot. When one found the thermal springs here in the 20C its importance in tourism has grown as well.

Place of interest

Csokonyavionta is situated in a picturesque land, so after refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk around the village, where you can see some natural beauties. Don’t miss to visit the juniper grove, and the old forest of oak trees nearby. There is also a fish-pond for those who like angling.

If you would like to know more about how people cultivated this land, and where they lived, you should visit the great building complex near Csokonyavisonta known as Alexander ranch (Alexander-puszta).

If you have the time and possibility, you should explore the surrounding villages as well, because there are some interesting things to see around. For example you may find further bathing facilities in Babocsa, and see the old ruins of a church from the early Middle Ages. If you visit Bélavár, which is also a picturesque place, you can see its famous handicrafts made by the villagers

Csokonyavisonta Termál és Strandfürdő


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