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ThermalToursENG - Dávod - Strandfürdő - Dávod
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Dávod - Strandfürdő

6524- Dávod
Rákóczi utca 55.



The spa of Dávod is situated in a nice park. There are thermal baths for those who like just lounging around, one swimming pool for those who like to do sports and also one small pool for the children.


The water contains fluorite and hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is recommended for those who suffer from rheumatism or some spinal complaints. As drinking cure it is good against caries or some kind of stomach problems.


There is nothing sure about the origin of the name of Dávod. Although there are some legends about a brave warrior, or that there was a lake here in the 18C which after the settlement might have got its name. The first source which mentioned the name of Dávod dates back to the early 14C. According to this the village had its own church this time. Although the settlement was always near to some important water-trade roads, after Trianon this had changed, and the Ferenc channel near the settlement had lost its importance.

Place of interest

Dávod is mostly recommended for those, who enjoy the peaceful life of the countryside. There are good places if you like to angle for fish. You may take some nice walks by the side of the channel and if you do so, don’t miss to visit the old ruins of the former church on the other side in Püspökpuszta, which is a part of Dávod.



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