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ThermalToursENG - Debrecen - Aquaticum Gyógy- és Fürdőközpont - Debrecen
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Debrecen - Aquaticum Gyógy- és Fürdőközpont

4032- Debrecen
Nagyerdei park 1.



You may refresh your self in a fascinating place if you visit the great spa complex of Debrecen. It is situated in the in the so-known Nagyerd?, a popular urban park and retreat place north of the centre. Besides the spa complex, there is an open-air theatre, sport-grounds, an amusement park and a small zoo.


The spa has nowadays two parts which are separated from each other. One is the healing centre and the other is the aqua park with water-slides, and some great designs (cave bath, waving machine etc.). The thermal water here contains alkali-chloride, hydrogen-carbonic, iodide, brome, and sodium-chloride. The use of the water is recommended for those who suffer of rheumatism, are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation, have some joint or backbone problems.


Besides bathing, the spa offers different kinds of treatments, like massages, mudpack, therapeutic gymnastics, or underwater gymnastics. There are also different kinds of wellness treatments available like solarium or aroma- and magnetic-therapy. If you decide to stay longer time, you may pay in for some of the spa’s packages which include different kinds of treatments.


Debrecen was originally formed by the fusion of three villages in the 13C. Although it was situated in the cross of important trade routs, its population was high and it was an important agricultural centre, the town was like a huge village for a long time. It was because there were not enough stones for great buildings in this area, and the inhabitants of Derbrecen were not rich enough to get stones from distant places.

The first source which mentioned the name of the town dates back to the 13C. Its name has a Turkish origin. In the 14C it became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. In the 17C it was already a royal free borough. Under the War of Independence in 1948-49 the town had an important role, when the government moved here from Budapest. In the 19C the town started to develop, a theatre and some bathing facilities were built. After Trianon, and the loss of Nagyvárad with the new borders, Debrecen became the cultural and administrative centre of this area.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa complex, there are lots of interesting sights and programs for every age-group in the town.

The symbol of Debrecen is the Calvinist Great Church with its two towers dominating the north end of Kossuth tér, which may bee regarded as the centre of the town. The church was built in the 19C. It was here that on 14 April 1849 Lajos Kossuth read out the Declaration of Independence. In the park area, you’ll see the statue of him, a famous Hungarian politician who plaid a great role under the Reform Period and the War of Independence in 1948-49. You may climb up to one of the towers of the church for some great views. After, take a walk to the Memorial Park behind the church, where you can see the statue of István Bocskai and the memorial column. Nearby is the great Reformed Collage of Debrecen. It was a Dominican Latin language school until 1538, when the Reformed Church took over the building and set up a school, which soon became the most important educational establishments of the country. Lots of famous Hungarians learned here.

If you continue your walk on Piac utca, the main street of the town, you will see the great building of Town Hall, and opposite the small church known as the csonka templom (mutilated church), because of its bastion-like top, which was made in 1909 after a storm blown up the former top of the church.

Besides these great monuments, there are some nice buildings – like the Old Town Hall or Arany Bika Hotel in the centre or the Lajos Kossuth University Nagyerd? and the spa complex - all around the town. It is worth to get lost a little in the centre, walking without real destination.

If you like to visit museums, there are very interesting exhibitions in Debrecen. Don’t miss to enter the Déry Museum near the Reformed Collage. It is also worth to visit the exhibitions of the Reformed Collage about its history and Ecclesiastical Art. You can also visit the Library here, with its more than half million items and interesting woodworks inside.

If you have the time and possibility, don’t miss to discover the surrounding land. The nature and small villages of the Central Plain are worth the tour!

Besides these, Debrecen has a lively cultural life, so before traveling, try to get to know about festivals or other performances during your stay here!

Debrecen - Aquaticum Gyógy- és Fürdőközpont


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