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Dombovár - Gunarasfürdő

7200- Dombóvár
Alkotás tér 1.


Dombóvár is situated in Tolna shire, by the side of River Kapos. Only 5km far from here, you may visit the comfortable spa complex, known as Gunaras Baths (Gunaras Gyógyfürd?).


One found the thermal water here in the 60s. The first bathing facilities were built in the 80s. Nowadays it is not only a comfortable spa, but also the only rehabilitation centre in this region. The water contains fluoride and alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is mostly recommended for those, who have some kind of motor disease, stomach or enteric problems or some illness of the mouth, heart or blood-system problems.

The spa is situated in a large park. It is surrounded by an extended holiday resort with weekend houses, camps, buffets, bars and restaurants all around.


Inside the complex there are 14 different kinds of pools, which include open-air and indoor pools. There is also a fish-pound in the park, where angling or going on the boat is possible.

Besides these, different kinds of therapeutic and wellness treatments are available, like massages, sauna, solarium, therapeutic gymnastics, balneal therapy etc.


According to the finds that archeologist found here, this land was inhabited since the Bronze Ages. In Roman Times some important trade routes ran through this land. During the Great Migrations, some Slav people settled here. The name of the town still originates from this time. “Dombu” means “Oak tree”. The second part, “vár” means “castle”. There really was an old castle at this time, but nowadays you can only see a peace of wall, which still remains. From the early Middle Ages a few more castles’ ruins remain, for example the so known Island Fortress (Sziget er?d), or the Stork Castle (Gólyavár) by the side of River Kapos.

During the centuries, there were some famous Hungarian noble families between the owners of this land, like the Csáky, Werb?czy, and finally the Esterházy. The later made Dombóvár the center of their estate here.

When the railway was laid down in the 19C, the importance of the town grew in this district. Some industrial develops were made, though Dombovár staid an important agricultural center. During the communist era the town’s industrial life was extremely developed. After the political transformation in Hungary, lots of people lost their jobs. This shock still remains. Tourism might bee one way out of this problem for people of Dombóvár.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, lots of interesting sights and programs are waiting for you in and around the town!

If you like angling, riding the horse or the bike, there are some great opportunities around the town to do some sports.

If you would like to see some old buildings and museums, you should visit the old center of Dombóvár. Most of the buildings were built during the 20C. You should see the old building of the Casino, or the Gyula Illyés Secondary School. For the ruins of former ages, you should walk to the Island Fortress (Sziget er?d), or the Stork Castle (Gólyavár) by the side of River Kapos, mentioned before. The three churches and the old synagogue are also worth the visit for those, who like sacred places.

If you would like to know more about local history and culture, you should visit the new István Fekete Museum

Dombovár - Gunarasfürdő


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