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ThermalToursENG - Dunaújváros - Fabó Éva Sportuszoda - Dunaújváros
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Dunaújváros - Fabó Éva Sportuszoda

2400- Dunaújváros
Építők útja 9.


The swimming pool complex of Dunaújváros is a great place for those who like to do sports during their holidays. There are four different kinds of pools inside the spa, a fitness hall and also some sport grounds around, where you can play golf or tennis. If you are interested in snorkeling, it is also possible here. Besides these different kinds of treatments are available, like sauna, massages etc. It is a perfect place to refresh your self!


According to the finds that archeologists found here, this place was inhabited since the Roman Ages. That time it was an important fortress, and its name was Castellum Intercisa. Its main task was to protect the eastern borders of the Roman Empire from the attacks. After some Avar tribes lived here.

Its mediaeval history started with the foundation of a Greek Orthodox monastery. The name of the first settlement was Dunapentele. Although this settlement became almost deserted after the Tatars invaded Hungary in the 13C, some people continued to live here, so this land staid inhabited during the centuries.

It started to develop during the 18-19C. After a few years it became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. The industrial societies, the casino and book clubs founded this time showed that its inhabitants became real townsmen. The important port on Szalki Island was also built in the 19C. It plays an important role in commercial shipping of the Danube even nowadays.

Although Dunapentele seemed no more an important economical center after the Second World War, an extreme industrialization started here in the 50s. The government wanted to build up a new industrial centre. The first plan was that they would built it up in Mohács, but when the relation between Hungary and Yugoslavia got wrong, they decided to build it up here. Although this land was important more for its agricultural products, a new industrial town was built up in few years. The new town got a new name, and became Sztálinváros, which means “the town of Stalin”. In 1961, after the death of the dictator, it became Dunaújváros, which means “the new city of the Danube”.

During the communist era this town was extremely developed. After the political transformation in Hungary, Dunaújváros found its own and normal way in the country’s economical and cultural life. It is an interesting and modern town with a special atmosphere, which is worth the tour!

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk around the town. There is a round tour around the town, which you can walk through by your own. This way you can get an idea about how the new town was built up during the extreme industrialization. Dunaújváros is a unique town in all around Europe. Most of its buildings were built in Socialist Realist style.

If you start your walk from the iron industry (Dunai Vasm?vek), you can walk around to see the main sights in about two and a half hour. There are small signs on every important building (about who the designer is and when was it built), although these are written only in Hungarian language. There are some interesting industrial exhibitions around the town like the Paper Factory Museum or the Blacksmith Museum.

If you are more interested in former ages, you can see the old ruins of the Romans in the Intercisa Museum.

There are also some nice parks and walks around the town and by the side of the river, where you can take some peaceful walks after swimming or doing some sports.

Dunaújváros - Fabó Éva Sportuszoda


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