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Egerszalóki Termálfürdő

3394- Egerszalók
Egerszalók, külterület



You may take a special bath is you visit Egerszalók, this small village only 5km far from Eger town. Although some reconstructions were started nowadays, it is still one of the most interesting baths of Hungary with its romantic location and sights.

The healing water here got one of the best ranging between the sulphureous thermal waters in Hungary. Thus it is recommended from people who suffer from joint problems, or after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation.


There are two pools in the open-air spa, and from the pools you might still see the limestone deposit on the hill.


The first source which mentioned the name of the town dates back to the 13C. It was the property of the Szalók family that time. After the Turks invaded Hungary, and occupied Eger and its surrounds, the village became deserted. In the 18C German settlers were called to the village. After them, Hungarian settlers came, and the German villagers also adopted Hungarian ways. Real changes occurred only in the 1980s, when the first bathing facilities were built. Since that time it became a popular retreat resort.

Place of interest

After taking a rest in the baths, it is worth it to walk around the village and the surrounding hills.

By the borders of Egerszalók, you can visit the interesting Cave-dwellings. There are great excursions in the Bükk Hills around, like a walk by the Stream Laskó, or to the Lake Egerszalók. The nature of this land is worth the tour.

You can taste the famous wines of this land if you visit Szépasszonyvölgye, near Egerszalók. It is a very popular place due to the abundance of wine cellars and restaurants.

If you would like to see more, and the laid back of life in Egerszalók is too slow for you, Eger is only 5km away from here, where lots of interesting sights and programs are waiting for you! (To read more about this Eger, see the descriptions of its spas!)

Egerszalóki Termálfürdő


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