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ThermalToursENG - Földesi Strandfürdő - Földes
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Földesi Strandfürdő

4177- Földes
Deák Ferenc utca 2.


You may refresh you self in a small spa with a familiar atmosphere if you visit Földes. The line of the changing-cubicle raises the atmosphere of the former centuries. Besides thermal pools there are a swimming pool and a small pool for the children. The water contains iodide and bromide, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have rheums. Around the pools there are also some sport ground and buffets.


According to the finds that archeologists found here, this land was inhabited since the Stone Ages. The first source which mentions the name of Földes dates back to the 13C. During the 14-15C Földes had a long legal fight with Hajdú district, because the latter didn’t want to recognize its noble rights.

When the Turks invaded Hungary this land became deserted for a short period of time. During the 18-20C some develops were hade in agriculture, and Földes became an important centre of this land.

Nowadays Földes is well known for its famous natives, some great Olympic athletes and scientists.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, there are some great sport opportunities around, like riding the horse, angling, or playing tennis.

If you have the time and the possibility, don’t miss to explore the most famous and beautiful part of the Great Plain, the Hortobágy, which is situated near Földes. The sights around here are situated about 20-30km far from each other, so the best way to visit it is by car.



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