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ThermalToursENG - Göd - Melegvizű Strandfürdő - Göd
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Göd - Melegvizű Strandfürdő

2131- Göd
Kinizsi u.


You may refresh your self in a peaceful place near the busy capital, if you visit the small spa of Göd. In the complex there are four open-air pools, which include thermal pools and one swimming pool. Near the spa there is a golf ground, and if you would like to swim in natural water, you may also visit one of the three beaches of Göd by the side of the River Danube.


According to the finds that archeologists fund here, this land was inhabited since the Great Migrations. One found here some remains of Avar settlements. The first source which mentioned the name of the settlement dates back to the 13C. This first settlement became deserted in the 16C, when the Turks invaded Hungary. After it became the property of the Grassalkovich and than the Nemeskéri-Kiss families, and was the center of their estate.

During the 19-20C it became popular as a holiday resort near the capital. Lots of weekend houses were built at this time. Nowadays more and more people build their houses here, and live in this peaceful area, though they work in the capital.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should walk around the town, because there are some interesting sights around.

For those, who like to visit ruins of former ages, the so known Cota Constantin fortress might bee interesting. It was uncovered in 2001, and dates back to the Roman Ages. You may also visit an earthwork from the early Middle Ages in the town.

If you would like to see how rich noble families used to live in former ages, you should visit the mansions around the town, like the Nemeskéri-Kis Mansion, the Madách, the Shäffer or the Szapáry-Hajcsi castle.

The famous horse, Kincsem was held here for a few years. You may still visit this old farm in Göd.

If you have the time, it is also worth to explore the surrounding land by small excursions, to see some natural beauties. For example you should go to the nearby Göd Island or Kékperjés Meadow.



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