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Gyomaendrőd - Liget Fürdő

5500- Gyomaendrőd
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You may have a peaceful time if you visit the great spa complex of Gyomaendr?d (Liget Fürd?). The spa is situated in the nice Elisabeth Grove. The water contains hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is mostly recommended for those, who have some kind of motor disease, stomach or bowel complain, or are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation. The complex has an indoor and an outdoor section with various pools, like swimming pools, thermal baths, an aqua park and small pools for the children. Besides bathing different kinds of wellness and therapeutic treatments are available, like solarium, sauna, massages etc.


Gyomaendr?d was before two separated settlement (Gyoma and Endr?d), which united only in 1982. Until the 20C the history of the two settlements was very different.

The first source which mentioned the name of Gyoma dates back to the 14C. It wasn’t an important settlement. Only about 100-200 people lived here during the centuries. When the Turks invaded Hungary, Gyoma became deserted. After, its new owner gave some privileges to the people who came to settle here. This time some Calvinist people came to live here. Gyoma slowly developed, and in the 19C it became an oppidium, which means a small town with some privileges. Soon the railway was laid down here. Due to this, the importance of Gyoma grew a little, but still remained a small, agricultural town. It became famous, when Izidór Kner founded a printing office in the town.

Due to the fact, that most of the owners of Endr?d were noble families, this settlement was more important than the nearby Gyoma. In the 17C it was already a noble curialis settlement, which means the whole settlement got the privileges of the nobles. All this had changed during the 19-20C. The peasants of Endr?d lost their properties, and all the farms became noble properties. These people had to search job somewhere else. First they started to work by the regularization of the river ways. When this work finished, they migrated to Gyoma or other neighboring places. Lot of people decided to migrate to the New World, and settled there.

Place of interest

You may rarely see such a nice place with full of feeling, and a virgin plain land around which is full of natural beauties. After refreshing your self in the spa, you should explore this beautiful land. The nearby Csejt Plain (Csejt-pusztai ?sgyep) became nature sanctuary in recent years. It is situated north of the town, and if you are lucky, you might see here some bustard. You should also walk to the river, which is not only a great place for angling, but also a peaceful area, where you can take a rest after traveling around

It is also worth to take a walk in Gyomaendr?d, because there are some interesting sights around. There are some interesting exhibitions in the town, such as the Printing Industry Museum. If you are interested in arts, you should go to the Town Gallery, where you can see some nice paintings and graphics displayed. If you would like to know more about folk cultural and traditional agricultural life, you should go to see the Folk Museum (Gazdaház).

If you have the time and possibility, you should also explore the surrounding towns. If you are here, don’t miss to visit Gyula. Mez?túr and Szarvas are about 20km far from Gyula. To read more about these towns’ attractions, see the descriptions of their spas.

Gyomaendrőd - Liget Fürdő


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