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Hévíz, Hévízi gyógytó

8380- Hévíz
Dr. Schulhof sétány 1.



You may swim in the largest lake in Europe with natural thermal curative water if you visit the old thermal spa of Hévíz. This is one of the most famous spas in Hungary.

György Festetics – the former owner of this land – was the first one who noticed the great opportunities in the thermal water of this land. The first bathing facilities were built at his biddings at the end of the 18C. These were first just some small buildings made of wood, where people could change their clothes. He also kept employed some specialists who were familiar of the treatments in these days like using a cupping-glass or phlebotomy. The small spa got famous when József Babótsai wrote about Hévíz in his work. After György Festetics died, the spa was closed until II. György Festetics decided to make some reconstructions. He also made some changes like he converted the surroundings of the spa into a park. New bathing facilities were built and also some accommodations for the guest. The spa was rebuilt again at the beginning of the 20C, when some modernizations were needed. The first sanatorium and hotels were built and this was the time when one made the famous entrance of the spa with the two towers. In the 20C there has been an explosion of hotels near the thermal spa. By and by new bathing facilities and other modernizations were made, so this way the spa of Hévíz is still a comfortable, but also romantic place.


Besides the lake, there are six bathing-ponds. The water here contains sulphur, radon, and alkali hydrogen-carbonate. Thus the spa is recommended for those who have muscular pains, rheumatism, motor disorders, slipped disc or are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation.


Besides bathing, the spa offers different kinds of treatments, like massages, mudpack, therapeutic gymnastics, or underwater gymnastics and there is also a solarium available. If you decide to stay longer time, you may pay in for some of the spa’s packages which include different kinds of treatments.


Archeologist found here finds from the Stone Age, so it seams like this land was inhabited since long before.

The history of Hévíz was lay down by the thermal springs here. Even in the first source, which mentions the name of Hévíz in the 14C, one mentioned its name as “Heuwyz”, which means “hot water”. This refers to the fact, that Hévíz was already well-known for its thermal waters at this time. Although no finds were found about the use of the thermal water in the Middle Ages, it is sure that the inhabitant were familiar with the healing power of the water, because in the 16C the great bathing culture of Turks rose in Hungary. In the 18C Hévíz got famous, as already mentioned, and after the history of this settlement was laid down by the spa. In 1992 Hévíz got the status of the town.

Place of interest

If you like the buildings of modern architecture you’ll probably like the new blue church in Hévíz. Near the lake, you can take some pleasant walks in the park. In Hévíz, there are lots of restaurants, and other places of amusements where you can take a rest after swimming in the lake.

If you are interested in the surrounding country side, don’t miss to visit Egregy, which is today in the northern part of Hévíz. There is a small early Romanesque church here which is worth a visit. By the road which goes to the church there are plenty of restaurants and taverns where you can taste the gastronomical specialties of this land.

If you have the time you should explore the surrounding hills, and villages. The upland of the Lake Balaton has a special atmosphere, and the wines of this region are also excellent. If you want to learn more about the folk culture of this land, you should visit the exhibits of Hévíz Gallery.

Hévíz, Hévízi gyógytó


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