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ThermalToursENG - Igali Gyógyfürdő - Igal
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Igali Gyógyfürdő

7275- Igal
Rákóczi tér 30.



One started to bore for hydrocarbon in Igal market-place in the 40s. But they found something else in the deep. Suddenly thermal water rush up from the 621m deep.

The water contains iodide, sodium-chloride, alkali-chloride and hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is mostly recommended for those, who have some kind of motor disease, rheumatism, joint or backbone problems or some urological disease. As drinking cure it is good against some stomach or bowel trouble.

After discovering the thermal water in Igal, one had to wait about twenty years to build the first bathing facilities. The spa was rebuilt time after time. Nowadays there are different kinds of indoor and outdoor pools in the complex, which include thermal pools, swimming pool, a small pool for the children and even a great water slide. Besides these, different kinds of treatments are available like massages, or medical advice


The first source which mentioned the name of the town dates back to the 12C. In the 14C it was already an oppidium which means a small town with some privileges. When the Turks invaved Hungary, the inhabitants of Igal fought so bravely against the Turkish troops, that the town became a “hajdú” settlement. “Hajdú-“means some soldiers, who were before herdsman. In the 16C they organized them self into some kind of military groups. In the 17C István Bocskai availed himself of their services in the first Hungarian uprising against the Hapsburgs in 1604. After according to his promises, he gave land and noble rights to these soldiers. So this means Igal got the same rights as these people and their settlements.

In the 19C Igal developed, and became the chief town of the district. Small-scale industry and trade’s life characterized the town these days. Although it had lost from its importance during the 20C, after the first bathing facilities were built, Igal became famous again, and attracted lots of people.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a pleasant walk around the town. It is a peaceful place with some nice and interesting sights around.

During the 20C the so known Baumgartner House was a meeting place for writers, poets, painters and other artists. You may still see this building, although it is nowadays in private ownership

After, you should walk to St Anna Church, which was built in the 15C and rebuilt in the 18C. Nearby the town there is a small hill, where lots of brave soldiers were buried in the 18C, when the lost battle of the Rákóczi War of Independence was fought and lost here. On the hill you can see the Calvarias nowadays.

If you take an excursion to the highest point of this land, the 301m high Csúcsos Hill (domb), you may get some great views, and you may also see Lake Balaton from here.

Igali Gyógyfürdő


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